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Sherry welcomes UNSC pro-Pak remarks


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Sherry Rehman has welcomed the latest statements by UN Security Council’s Sanctions Committee and the INTERPOL praising Pakistan’s measures against terrorism.

Talking to the media on the recent visit of the INTERPOL Secretary General to Pakistan, the Federal Minister said that the INTERPOL Chief’s frank statements at a press conference held yesterday in Islamabad gave further credence to Pakistan’s stance against international terrorism in general, and Pakistan’s stated position on the Mumbai terror attacks in particular.

“The UNSC’s praise not only validates the measures taken by Pakistan’s elected government to root out extremism from within and not allow Pakistani soil to be used by terrorists, but it also shows this multilateral institution’s trust in Pakistan’s commitment and capability for doing so,” said Ms. Rehman.

She said that such multilateral appreciation validates Pakistan’s anti-terror stance and shows trust in Pakistan’s commitment and capability to fight terror.

“The government also welcomes Secretary General Noble’s statements clearly counting Pakistan as among the most active contributing countries in the global policing of terror,” said Ms. Rehman.

“The INTERPOL Chief has rightfully acknowledged Pakistan having suffered more than most countries from terrorism. More important is the Secretary General’s message that any country that has suffered as much at the hands of terrorists as Pakistan is in need of international support, and not international condemnation at such a critical time in the world’s anti-terrorist struggle, She maintained ”

The Federal Minister said that Interpol’s stance on the Mumbai terror attacks investigations also validates Pakistan’s position on this issue.

“Pakistan has consistently maintained that it has extended due cooperation to India for joint investigations into the Mumbai attacks and we still await credible and incriminating evidence from New Delhi that we can act upon,” said Ms. Rehman. “The government notes that INTERPOL has also not received any information from India whereby an internationally coordinated effort could be undertaken to trace the perpetrators through multilateral counter-terrorism mechanisms.”

Responding to media queries on the threat of war in the region, the Federal Minister said that Pakistan was acting with utmost restraint and the Pakistani people could not be deterred from the path of peace and regional cooperation.

However, she added, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind about the government’s resolve and capability to defend Pakistan’s territorial integrity.

“Pakistanis are peace-loving people and value regional cooperation as mutually beneficial,” said Ms. Rehman. “Our government’s policy of restraint should not be viewed as an act of cowardice. Rather, it is a democratically elected government’s objective to protect the Pakistan-India peace process created through years of hard work by the people of both the countries. And for that, we continue to act with restraint and responsibility, preferring to use international diplomacy as the means to address issues of concern.”-SANA



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