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National Assembly condemns Indian allegations


ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly has adopted a unanimous resolution reaffirming Pakistan’s strong commitment to peace, security and stability in South Asia. The Resolution moved by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Ahmed also expressed determination of the government to eliminate terrorism in all its manifestations.

It condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai and expressed sympathies with the families of the victims. It also condemned the baseless allegations leveled by India in haste against Pakistan in the wake of the Mumbai incident. The Resolution supported Pakistan’s efforts to defuse tension and to cooperate with India in the investigation of the Mumbai attacks.

It called upon India to respond positively to Pakistan’s proposal to defuse the tension in the region. It also urged the international community to exert pressure on India to dismantle its terror networks endangering peace and also stop its destabilization moves in the region. The Resolution reaffirmed Pakistan’s strong desire to pursue constructive engagement with India to resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir.

Meanwhile Senators have suggested of political ceasefire to handle the current crisis affectively, said regarding the current national security situation of the country. Senators including Ishaq Dar (PML-N), S M Zafar (PML-Q) and Khalid Soomro have criticized he government for adopting apologetic tones on Indian jets, airspace violation of Pakistani territory saying the President and Ministers were issuing pro-Indian statements.

They were of the view that a critical time comes to every nation but the government has to tackle the situation wisely; however, the nation is united and ready to face Indian aggression like 1965 and 1971 but the government needs to change its tone, they added. Senator PML-Q S M Zaffar said that US had lost billions of dollars and its leaderships demoralized internationally .Indian leadership consider Pakistan as a weak state which is nothing but its misperception. He further said that India wants to follow the US pre-emptive strike strategy which not only dangerous but also the law of jungle.-SANA



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