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India Pakistan Cooperation is needed to resolve tensions

keeping in view the rising tension between India and Pakistan after Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Pakistan Airforce fighter jets flew in Lahore and Islamabad. It was seriously worrying people in Pakistan whether India and Pakistan are going into war? Where as India has started taking strong stance against Pakistan and pressurizing it on different fronts.. A conference of the ambassadors have been held in India for consultation and Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi have warned Pakistan time and again.

People in Pakistan have varying opinions regarding war; few people want it to happen and on other hand a segment of society wants peace. People described these flights as “Combat Air Petrol” for any anticipated attack while emitting their apprehensions that “war is not in favour of both countries” . People were emotional and went out of homes saying “Allah-o-Akbar” finding these flights as a sign of war, taking it as a retaliation from Pakistan, showing their determination to sacrifice last blood drop for Pakistan.

On other end whole world can not see two Nuclear powers to fight ending with 3rd World War; Jorge Lynch; An International Development Procurement Consultant from Panama said

We can do something about it. Having peace and realizing its importance is a first step. There has to be a better way of settling our disputes without shedding blood. Read: “You Can Change the World: The Global Citizen’s Handbook for Living on Planet Earth: A Report of the Club of Budapest” by Ervin Laszlo

On discussing this issue Facebook; i found several Pakistanis and Indian Muslim responding these flights in different ways

Syed Ahmar Ali

we are on the brink, and it seems we are being provocated here. What is coming before us in the form of evidence is nothing short of fabrication and popular slogans. Little choices, must not propagate weakness, so these patrols are just what is required. What we ought to be careful about is that we should not be played with. May it be our neighbors or the new nexus that operates in more ways than meets the eye. I pray that wherever we are heading leads us to betterment. May Allah help us get there without any destruction coming our way or towards anyone else. Amen!

Indian Muslims have fears that if Pakistan does not take action against terrorists Hindu extremists will target Indian Muslims; on similar noted there were other voices from India saying that India wants Congress to come in government in forthcoming elections. They were of the view that if BJP will come in the government; Minorities in India will be killed brutally like it was done in Gujrat in 2000.

Information feeders in India have effected perspective of a common man in such a manner that few of the Indian Muslims called Pakistan “Epicenter of terrorism”. Syed Ahmar Ali wanted people to use their minds rather becoming advertising and marketing their slogans. He said “Understand what terrorism really is and how far back we need to go to know where it really started. If only we understood we could alter many perspectives.”

An Indian Muslim Shad Zaman Brand Specialist in US base Telecommunication company in Dubai added:

India has started allocating forces on Rajisthan border along with Pakistan as a reaction to increased movement of Pakistani army officers across the border in the same region. Rajasthan border security force received this information and then put them on alert. In Pakistan we have witnessed increased terrorist activities in shape of suicides attacks or bombing for past several months. Pakistan’s Marriot hotel was targeted. Unfortunately in recent past same started in India also. Without solid evidences India started not only blaming Pakistan rather taking strong measures against Pakistan just after Mumbai mayhem. Syed Ahmar Ali was of the point that

“This is to address anyone who thinks escalation on the Rajhistan is due to any movement on the Pakistani side of the border. Anyone who believes that is absolutely unaware of the terrain. The last thing Pakistan Army would do is deploy troops there or increase them in number. If anyone was aware of what our best defence there is, can only smile at that statement. The terrain defends us (News Flash) No one can penetrate that front. So anyone looking at that as excuse needs to stand corrected.”

On Ajmal Qasab’s Pakistani nationality and Government role in this regard was questionable. Shad Zaman added that what was the point of cordoning off the whole village of the terrorist who is in Indian custody?. Why Pakistani media has not been allowed to go to that place while Foreign media personals were allowed to go there. Dawn News itself conducted operations and declared about his family. Mr. Zardari’s continuous denial mode and weak point of view on diplomatic levels is not helping anyone, rather aggravating the situation more that goes against Pakistan on International level. Even after FBI’s special sleuth interrogated the terrorist and confirmed, based upon the facts that people had come from across the border, Mr. Zardari should look at it a a step to move forward and take actions against them. And increased action inside the country as well as borders should not be looked upon as threat for Pakistan. Government has received a letter from Qasab for legal assistance from Pakistan while Rehamn Malik Advisor to PM has told media that He checked with NADRA for the identity of Qasab but found nothing.

For Shad Goa is considered to be one favorite new year celebrations spot, but this year, authorities have banned any parties being organised at the open beaches?…even though it can hurt tourism, it can make few faces sad, but then, On a broader perspective such measures are important to be taken. Mr. Zardari should not get myopic in his view and look at the current situation as a matter of “blaming Pakistan”, it’s a matter of security and integrity of the whole world. This time the whole world is watching the two countries. And in such a situation it is important to accept the problems and work constructively towards finding a solution. Looking at Mr. Zardari’s statements and his stance on terrorism I wonder how much was the truth in the medical reports which were issued by some UK hospital that he is mentally not upto the mark to take up such a big responsibility. Syed Ahmar Ali added on Zaradri’s stance as “Mr. Zardaris’s approach is just as defensive and timid as anyone who thinks that India is out to resolve anything by this gag real. Mr. Shad Zaman happens to be fairly defensive as well. Let me tell you brethren that this new nexus is out to exploit you while you scheme and squabble. Stop being a mod and be heard as a nation. Bombings in India date way back then Pakistan even knew anything of it.”

He added that

17 separatist movements, rape and victimization of their own people has been a feature anyone with exposure and anyone learned would know. Bombings have been oing on since early 80’s there in the southern region and were adopted by the Tamils.

Cooperation is a two way process, it is not inflicted, it is asked for. The Mumbai incident has nothing to do with Pakistan and anyone with half a brain would know that. Read articles by Indian reporters in the local publications that are being labeled as Pakistani agents now exposing Tata and Moodi.

Capitalism and Imperialism is what Indian government wishes to join hands with and that system requires India to bail them out. India is paying a price for that and the extra troops required in Afghanistan. One must use ones head and not be irrational. Take a look at the facts and then respond. If at all it were Pakistanis and 11 of them paralyzing Mumbai then get help the world if we were to rise a nation.

Shad suggested that

Be it the people of India or Pakistan, every single individual has got fed up of living in world where no body is sure, when where and what kind of blasts or shoot out can happen. Co-operation required from every corner of both the countries and lets hope the situation doesn’t… arise where even the civilian community of the both the countries have to suffer


People on other hand said that this is a propaganda against Pakistan that even few groups in Pakistan have started believing that Pakistan has hands in Mumbai incidents. Muhammad Malik responded to this as

we do not have to be ashamed having Ajmal Qassab like characters only but those who had millions of Ajmal Qassab in the Russian army’s uniform and now in the US army’s uniform for last 8 years particularly. why should only we be apologetic when we are not the one who are responsible for the genocides of millions of people in the whole Islamic world. we must stand up and should start taking the U-turn NOW from the policies which are actually be planned to hunt us down by ourselves

On India’s secular stand and genocides of Minorities within India people commented differently as
Syed Ahmar Ali:

ATS was wiped out, 7 material witnesses all shot in the back with a siper, wow what a coincidence, when a Hindu soldier was founf guilty of the bombings in gujrat, samjhoitaexpress, our civilians died in the latter and muslims in the former. moodi is still at large, out in the open, conspiring with tata courtsy mosad. Wake up and smell the coffee. The new nexus is being defended. Muslim terrorists, lets get ourselves aware of the hindu terrorists. No pakistan terrorist uses the word aatangwadi, knows how to speak urdu, knows the difference between “khay” “kkay”. Who are you kidding.

Raw in baluchistan and NWFP, non circumcised dead bodies to the indian made rifles, what are we thinking. We shall respond, we will respond, if they want it we will not sit back.

Shad Zaman:

It’s a human nature, to instead of strengthening one’s own house we look at fault’s within the neighbours. As far as 17 separate movements are concerned and bombings since 80’s are concerned, trust me exactly the same script was shared by one of my friend from Karachi very recently. Neither India nor Pakistan, or any other country in the world is in perfect state of affairs today.
Being in constant denial mode and always ready with list of faults in the neighbor land is not leading anything to any end and only making things worst.

I mentioned somewhere what ever happened it has resulted in losses to everyone. One has to look at the ways to improve the future. Probably you are more concerned with whatever happened in the past in India than how things are likely to develop in the whole world in future.

India Pakistan Cooperation
People in both countries want peace for broader interests thus peeping into history and planning for future they aspires cooperation from both ends on governmental levels.

Shad Zaman has described his feelings in this regard:

“I will be the last person to see Pakistan going the down history as not so good nation. I myself or any true Indian doesn’t want Pakistan to be ashamed of Ajmal kind of characters. We also have characters like Raj Thackarey who wants to divide India into north Indians and Maharashtrians, then there are people like Praveen Togadia, Ashok Singhal, Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharti many others who play the religion politics to lure the uneducated vote bank. The sad part is be it India or Pakistan, majority of our population is uneducated and they also see and believe in whatever is just put in front of their eyes. One fish can spoil the whole pond, but that doesn’t mean one can blame the whole pond. But the person standing outside the pond should be able to see the owner of the pond is actually taking actions to clean the pond.

The Muslims of India have still not forgotten the demolition of Babri Masjid, neither the mass killing happened in Gujarat even after so many years. But that doesn’t made every Muslim to go against the Hindus. The way there are Hindu fanatics, similarly there are Muslim fanatics too.
And similarly umpteen number of human bomb explosions in Pakistan as well as firing and shoot outs in mosques due to differences in Shia Muslim factions or some other internal reasons. The blame game is never ever going to bring peace on either side of the border.

Syed Ahmar:
Diplomacy is all about knowing the facts and narrating them. Education in its highest form comes form there. Sitting in your drawing room and sulking isnt going to help. Nor does staying here. See if you are contributing towards anything bigger than what meets the eye in your day to day chores. I am a part of something bigger. Some of the defence we rave about, I drop in a drop for it, not in the form of taxes but in the form of what I can render in the form of intelligence, in the form of contribution.
Denial, is a strong word to use. But just propagating despotism in the form of inadequate information is the worst thing a human being can do. So to know your faults you have to highlight others and the reciprocation highlights yours. In diplomacy you need not be right, you need to prove the other just wrong. And then you sit at a table and find solutions. Lack of it has lead to this. And lack of it is what makes you utter what you do.

Who is beneficiary of Indo-Pak tensions
Shad said ” The situation which is arising between India-Pakistan is probably the best situation for the US administration and I would say even for there economy. So many years we suffered under the divide n rule policy of the British empire. And now US is playing similar kind of game. if unfortunately (Khuda na Khaasta) war erupts, be it Pakistan or India both are surely going to increase their defence spending and major portion can go to US.

Curb terrorism together

In end India and Pakistan are requested to work together on the same cause of terrorism. Because everyone want their children to be able to see this world as a better place.

About the author

Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • Good one!!!…but can people tell me which source say Indian Muslims are feared that if no actions are taken by Pakistan against terrorism…they will be targeted by Hindu extremists?

  • but i want to tell before we are one Now two, however your country must cooperate with us to wipe out the terrorism. here in india there is no police agency for finding the truth bcz they are biased by hindu extrems.
    latest example is anthuley current incident.
    we hope it will be revealed in future. our minister said that we dont want war.
    yakoob jabbar

  • Well against indo pak war reasons are true and applicable to both countries, but for war, i is obviously biased..Pakistan is front line state in war against terrorism, jihadists have been an approved idea in Soviet war, always this is connotation that changes

    I am certain Mumbai attacks bear far reaching consequences, but still i beleive Indian Government has something to do with it a to win in Elections and not let the BJP to come

    Limited engagement or adventure can destroy the whole arena of sub continent; why to invite dilebrately destruction as obviously Pakistan will retaliate IF a little adventure is initiated even

    i partially disagree will not lead to any solution war has never been a solution; Pakistan can wage its forces to eastern boarder dragging them out from western boarder.. Pakistan is victim of terrorism already but Talibans i guess have capability to create mess in region

    to win a support from international community, one needs solid ground not only an established support on basis of cliches like big economy, strong nuclear power, UN SC membership, etc etc.. Pakistan has been loyal in war against terrorism, support can come also from Islamic countries .. hostality should be avoided

  • For some people admire that Pakistan has been loyal against terrorism,but fact is Paki leaders & trat,ers people who are loyal to thier masters in America and west,to distroy the fabric of society of Pakistan, to keep muslims busy in other muslims, to defame and weaken the muslim by the help of muslims Gadars who make living by getting thier own brothers killed, and sell them to Americans, to persicute indisuals,, and at the end remove thir Kidneys and blood to be transplanted to American patient in Ameerica,there are million of casses like that,but that remains to be a secret, by help of modern media and news networks.So pakistanis believe American news as Gods news.
    Any way as you say pakistan is loyal to war against terorism, but majority of intelectuals in west belive, that Pakistan is loyal to kill its own people, in hope of getting rewarded by Americans, and Pakistan will as always be disappointed, and get beeaten by America,
    So pakistan is loyal to turn its own poor population against government, and keep on blaming everyone else but its butcher against own people,with the help of nawaz sherif imran khan, miss lead lawyers, and mr sardary,, and former generals faithful to west but not to its people,
    pakistan must look for an example like India,On Tv discustions in india on can see how respectfully and wisely Indian leaders discus topics,yes Indian politician do argue less insulting with a muslim person on screen,Indian muslims must be thankful while in Pakistan Muslims indisual get much more insulted by a muslim from another party or other state.and it can get very dirty and dangerous,as Pakistanis dont know how and why to friendly or respectful to there counter parts while discussing,what has happend to muslims and Pakistanis or Pagalistanis,what happened to wisidon Jinnah, and islam,
    I very much afraid the future of pakistan, will be no different than Palastinain in Occupation, because 120yrs ago , palastine was florishing under Turkish empire, so British came to palastine, and advised palastinians to kill Turkish admintrator,and raise war of terrism against turkish rule , and promised palistinians British will help then to become free turkey, and be free country of palistine, and what happend,with the help of Palastinians ,british won the first world war against Turkey, Turkey lost first and last time in its history,by ungrateful Palastinians who want to be more free,so British accupied the palastine and British promise never meterialised till today, and Palastinians similar to Pakistanis or Pagalistanis seam to share same fate by getting sold to enemies plans and tricks.
    Now the situation with india at the moment, pakistan must be vigilant, but not react loud or show theatre of its agression,Leaders of Pakistan should offer joint investigation as equal partener of bombay terrorism ,Pakistan should ask for mutual treaty to hand over suspected persons when one goverment need to ask some question to suspected, that should be mutual,this will cool both countries,,
    Secondly to cool down agression in minds of people in both countries, pakistan must some how make india believe that they will reduce the anti Indian sentiments in Azad Kashmir and pakistan, by givingtemporary semi atonomoust status to kashmir ,and cheched by both nations,but so different .Govern of Pakistan should talk and contact Maharaja of Kashmir what Indian govt will not like,to get his advice and negociate to make him maharaja under nutrak kashmir, so all, india ,pakistan, and all kashmiris will be happy again..
    Pakistan must do every thing to avoide the war, at every cost, Indian has latest techknology of digital warfare introduce by American, and there are many bad and disgusting plans, if war breaks , Indian will be pounding different sights in pakistan, America will join secret bombing,as it pleases in cordination with India, all the point will be cashed by India,And pakistanis will be running east to west sectors,Pakistan will look like a ball kicked india on one side and secretly by american on others side, for the rest of world, Watching and happenings will never get borring, watch whole war on TV, live, watching, un-united, pakistanis who spend time to hate each other, kill thier own countrymen, going down in history, the history in making, where pakistanis and hatefull muslims scared even thier allah, who is scared , and that is why god will not respond, even Allah has got enough of headache by the dark action of muslims,, God is taking break from muslims for good reasom, bad karmas are falling on muslime every where,Muslims on the run, to find refuge, and there is no end of starvation, killing , picpocketinf, politicians against politicians, nieghbours against, niebours, , Animal being treated un humainly, everybody suspicious on every one, one can see from the ruggut faces, fruite will nor be delivered till muslims and pakistanis stop hating eachother,