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India does not want war, but all options open: Singh

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NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said that India did not want a war with Pakistan but “all options are open”.”The issue is not war. The issue is that the Pakistani territory is used to aid and abet terror,” Manmohan Singh told reporters here. “We want Pakistan to make an objective effort to dismantle the terror machine. The government of Pakistan knows what it implies,” Singh said.

“We expect them as a member of the UN to comply with several UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions passed over the years,” Manmohan Singh said. He was alluding to a recent resolution by the UN Security Council declaring the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD).

India has accused “elements in Pakistan” of plotting and executing the Nov 26-29 Mumbai savagery that killed around 170 people, including 26 foreigners. JuD is a public front for the LeT, a banned terrorist organization suspected of masterminding the Mumbai terror strike, he added.

Singh said that there were ‘elements’ in Pakistan that did not want friendship between the two countries. The Prime Minister also asked the international community to pressurize Pakistan government into acting against the terrorists. “We would like the international community to use its power of persuasion to persuade Pakistan to comply with the UNSC resolutions,” he stressed.

Earlier, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee had demanded that Pakistan should do what it had promised, instead of pointing fingers at others. He also said that Pakistan should refrain from creating a warlike situation.-SANA

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  1. Rubab Saleem ::

    Promise to fight against terror.
    an event took place in mumbai, solid proofs like ‘the ferrY,satellite phones,food pakcets,packed in pakistan,n lastly the man{KASAB–the terrorist} caught alive says he is from pakistan-faridkot goes on to pinpoint the place -the village in pakistan he comes from, journalists go there, find it out to be true,wht more proof do they want?

    Speaking of proofs..I saw on television, Zardari and/or the defense minister of Pakistan saying,”Show proofs against Maulana Masood Azhar and others”..Well, all of the truthful n just have one answer..
    “If a Man is Released from a Jail because he was bargained for 160 hostages by a group of terrorist-hijackers,Wht can u say abt tht man?” Isnt he an important cog of these terrorist-hijackers and thus a terrorist himself?Wht more proof do u need whn it is clear that, that man is the hijackers friend or guru!!
    The man i am talking abt is Masood Azhar!
    The hijack incident was the IC-814 hijack episode by virtue of which Azhar was released.

    anyways..y does pakistan want war?>y is the pakistani military ready for war?I guess, it is because..
    1)U want to make friends with taliban n stop fighting along side the NATO troops.
    2)It wants to divert the point tht Pakistan is harboring terror camps and doesnt want to do anythg abt it!!
    3)Terrorism is the only issue that is pushing india on to the backfoot{I must say, ‘trying to push’}.n most of u feel pakistan doesnt like india moving forward.
    all i would comment on the entire situation is tht pakistan is behaving irresponsibly and perhaps with a lot of malice!


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