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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Indian not to attack: Gul

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ISLAMABAD: Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) former Chief General (Retd.) Hameed Gul has said that India would not take any aggressive step against Pakistan but wanted to get hold of the region by putting pressure. Talking to a private TV channel on Monday, he said that India is well aware of the fact that it would gain nothing if it launches any aggressive move against the country.

He demanded of the government to call OIC session regarding the situation emerged after Mumbai attacks and China and Russia should be called in the session to counter Indian pressure. “No Pakistani is involved in Mumbai attacks even India itself knows the fact that the attacks were carried out by indigenous groups but to enhance its pressure blaming Islamabad”, former ISI Chief added.

He warned Indian that designed of the world would change if Pakistani government announces ‘Jihad’ against it and the war would ruin Indian economy but on the other hand Pakistan has nothing to loose rather it would get rid of the international loan because no country pays loan in situation like war.

To a question, Gul said that US and India wanted to detach ISI form the defense system to weaken the country’s defense. When asked about RAW, he said that the Indian secret agency was overlapped by Bartia Janta Party (BJP) therefore it is creating anarchy in the tribal areas and Balochistan by setting up base camp in Afghanistan.-SANA

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  1. I completely agree with gul’s statement….Pakistan got nothin to lose but if it comes to jihad we will let em know what we are!!!!

  2. Which Pakistan does this General represent? The millions who yearn to live and let leave a peaceful co existenece, improve their lot in life and catch up economically to the rest of the world or to those, who in the name of religion or power kill and maim. If India has not taken military action, it is because of its concern for the young and fragile democracy of Pakistan or perhaps to accomodate the USA and not because it is afraid of “nuclear” or ‘jihadi” threats from the likes of Gul or Asif. These individuals are more of a threat to Pakistan than the Indians will ever be.

  3. asalamoalkum
    if we follow our coward leaders then it is not so far when we gona be in big trouble. zardari and jilani just useless . a leader should be brave and honest these two lack both of these qualities.
    so where to go?


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