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NWFP farmers reject IMF conditions, amendments in Seed Act

Islamabad: The farmers of NWFP have rejected the conditions of IMF and amendments in the Seed Act terming it in the interest of multinationals and against the poor farming community. They have vowed to resist every move aimed at suffocating the already ailing sector. The growers say that they would not accept any decision until the powerful agri-mafia is eliminated and they are provided level playing field.

A delegation of Ittehad-e-Zamindaran-wa-Kashtkaran NWFP comprising its SVP Haji Bashir Khan, VP Ishfaq Khan Omarzai, GS Zahir Khan, Information Secretary Dr. Khail Muhammad Khial and others met Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch at his office.

To resist every move until mafia is eliminated, WTO’s slavery unacceptable
They said that agriculturally illiterate officials are taking wrong decisions. Faulty statistics and incorrect surveys are adding to the problems. Amendments in the Seed Act 1976 have been planned while keeping supreme the interests of powerful companies operating in several nations, they alleged. We reject slavery in the name of WTO.

Haji Bashir said central and provincial governments have ignored NWFP and peasants are being cheated in the name of new policies, products and subsidies. There is nothing on ground and the rural community is completely on the mercy of ruthless and greedy private sector.

Whole agricultural chain and sub sectors have been hijacked by middlemen who have emerged as decision makers in almost all the important matters. These sharks have paralysed whole system.

Scarcity of water, spurious insecticides and pesticides, high-price of urea, fertilisers and other inputs, unabated smuggling and deteriorating law and order situation have proved to be fatal blow for the community. There is no difference between present and former government and the situation may force hapless peasants to carry weapons, they warned.

During meeting, Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that the policies framed in the name of farmers have proved to be a good income generating resource for officials, intermediaries and industrialists. “Every government raises attractive slogans for farming community but later exploitation reins,” he said adding that our experts have never demonstrated ability or interest in agriculture or its sub sectors.-Pak Economy Watch

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