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Jeremy R. Hammond on Mumbai Terror Attacks


I had a conversation with Jeremy R. Hammond Editor of Foreign Policy Journal. I commented on one of his analysis Role of Alleged CIA Asset in Mumbai Attacks Being Downplayed.
Jeremy R. Hammond wrote

Recent press reports on developments with regard to last month’s attacks in Mumbai, India indicate the role of Dawood Ibrahim, a wanted crime boss, terrorist, and drug trafficker, is being downplayed, possibly the result of a deal taking place behind the scenes between the governments of the US, Pakistan, and India, to have others involved in the Mumbai attacks turned over while quietly diverting attention from a man who some say could reveal embarrassing secrets about the CIA’s involvement in criminal enterprises


My conversation is here in response
I have several reasons to believe in your story.

I think Multinational Companies too had their hands in Mumbai Terror Attacks. For instance India made tremendous progress in Human Development. Its big Business houses have made massive investments in Europe and Canada and other countries e.g. TATA purchased Jauguar, Mital Picked Steel Facilities in UK and similar investments are made in.

Indian Government instead of accepting intelligence failure instantly started blaming Pakistan. Forces who disapproved much desired very good friendship between Islamabad and people to people relationship, Pakistan is influenced by Indian culture.. all those efforts to normalize relationship have gone the drain..

In case of such an unfortunate eventuality of Pakistan will be turned a Taliban Country in longer run influencing India.

He responded back

I’m familiar with the Tata Group’s investments in the energy sector, and I know they stand to profit from the deal between the US and India for nuclear technology. I was wondering if that might have had something to do with the Taj Mahal being targeted, whether there is some opposing interest there. Perhaps the nuclear black market of AQ Khan is still operational, for instance. I also know China has worked with Pakistan on an agreement to provide nuclear assistance, so there might be multinational corporate interests involved there (like a new “Cold War” between the West [US] and the East [China]).

I also read that the Israeli Chabad house that was targeted was a front for Israeli intelligence. So far, I haven’t seen any real evidence of this, and consider it to be just a rumor, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. I know Israeli organized crime is heavily involved in the drug trade, so this might have been a message not to interfere with business. Israeli groups are big into the ecstasy trade. And just recently a major Israeli cocaine ring was busted up. What kind of drug trade is in Mumbai? Opium? Heroin? Cocaine? I don’t know of any direct Israeli involvement in the opium trade, but there seems to be a connection between Israel and the “deep state” (shadow government) of Turkey, which I think must be responsible for the huge amount of opium trafficking from Afghanistan through Turkey into Europe.

So one theory is that this is like gang warfare, like we have in the streets of the US, but on a much bigger scale, involving corporations and organized crime. Dawood Ibrahim seems to be the man behind it. Whether he was in turn acting as an agent of any other groups or individuals is hard to say yet.

I also read in one article on a Pakistani news website (I think The News) that 2 of those killed at the Taj hotel were US intelligence officers. But I never heard anything about this again. Have you heard this or know anything else about it?

I know people in Pakistan think the US wants to divide the country up. A journalist named Shahid R. Siddiqi contributed an article to my website entitled “Pakistan’s Balkanization“. Do you know him? I’d be interested in your thoughts on this matter.

Also, what about this call that was made to Zardari threatening war? India says it was a “hoax”, but Pakistan says they traced the call to a government ministry. What are your thoughts on this? Is somebody trying to escalate tensions, possibly even start a war? Or was it, like the Indians said, just some guy making a prank phone call?



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is grateful to Mr. Azhar Masood for bringing these valuable comments from Mr. Jeremy R. Hammond for the readers of Pakistan Times. Pakistan Times is equally thankful to Mr. Jeremy R. Hammond for promoting the softer image of Pakistan.



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