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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Kashmir solution to defer Indo-Pak war

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SRINAGAR: Leaders of undivided India (with special reference to the leaders of Muslim League and Indian National Congress), while accepting the partition of India as a fait accompli allowed the realignment of 565 princely states with the new two dominions Bharat and Pakistan- with a magnanimous heart.

Unfortunately the leaders of Bharat, Pakistan and Kashmir could not arrive at a consensus concept regarding the future dispensation of Kashmir; with the result that Bharat and Pakistan became the major contenting parties both trying to get the better of each other in the arena of Kashmir politics.

Kashmir became a bone of contention between India and Pakistan and hence an ideal battlefield for those who were and are still feeling nostalgic about regression which is anachronistic for the people having futuristic approach to life and politics.

Egocentric leaders of India and Pakistan who feel obsessed with the past history of communal polarization would want to foment trouble in various regions of South Asia simply to further the cause of subversive politics.

They would like to see India and Pakistan permanently embedded and entrenched in the mesh and marsh of sentiments of belligerency and animosity based on communal polarization. This destructive mindset is bound to lead India and Pakistan to anarchy, political cataclysm, and violence and subsequently to paranoia and trust-crisis.

India and Pakistan, as responsible democracies with nuclear potential, cannot afford any sort of brinkmanship or one-upmanship in the peace process the two countries are engaged in.

The leaders of the two countries are, therefore, supposed to exhibit prudence, political acumen, and stoicism.

Present situation demands restraint and sole-searching based on ideal sentiment of altruism. Polemics, recrimination and passing the buck on others is no answer to the present volatile situation created by hawks and ultras who, in fact, profess no ideology except the resolve to lead this globe to total commotion, confusion, uncertainty and pandemonium. We, the pacifists of Kashmir, find an opportunity to make the leaders of India and Pakistan realize that further procrastination and temporization on Kashmir front will confidently add fuel to the fire.

Kashmir battle will be fought in the nook and corner of Indo-Pak subcontinent. So an early peaceful and honorable settlement of Kashmir issue based on Kashmiris` inalienable right to self-determination will certainly help in retrieving the two countries from the vortex of violence. It will certainly disarm the ultras from Srinagar to Waziristan. Hence no ammunition will be available for them which they are banking on.

As a practicable and pragmatic solution of Kashmir issue we hereby suggest, with emphasis, that India and Pakistan should withdraw their forces from Kashmir and allow the reunification of the two parts which are separated by LOC (Berlin wall as we call it). Installation of a single resistance parliament headed by a prime minister, an ideal Kashmiri patriot having subjective and yet accommodative approach to politics, is what the freedom loving people of Kashmir are craving for.

It is a solution that will provide face-saving to both the countries; it will further neutralize all the trends of enhanced altruism from Kashmir to Karachi and Mumbai to Assam.

Sagacity, prudence and benevolence should be given a chance to prevail to de-escalate the tension and re-generate hope and optimism-the prerequisite for those who matter in the higher echelons of Power in India and Pakistan.-SANA

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  1. “As a practicable and pragmatic solution of Kashmir issue we hereby suggest, with emphasis, that India and Pakistan should withdraw their forces from Kashmir and allow the reunification of the two parts which are separated by LOC (Berlin wall as we call it).”


    Without delay.

    Thank you, Mubashar Nizam

  2. The attack on Mumbai was a first strike. What was it a strike against? Security and Honor, India’s, were attacked, but was that a collateral casualty, or the prime target? Was it an attack as vengeance for Kashir? I’d say it is the peace process that was the prime target. This peace process endangered the two most discredited Pakistani power centers, the militants and the military. Therefore, they sought to gain advantage by injecting Indo-Pak enemity.

    If we buy this reasoning, then the more ways we can find to buld trust with, and go easy on, the despicable Mr. Zardari, and the more we work to weaken his enemies in the Paksitani power structure, the better we are avenged in the shortrun, and strengthened in the long.

  3. The pattern is repeated accross, to state it less than politically correctly, the Muslim world. Please know that I have Arab and Muslim friends, and find them universally of distinguished character– so I am addressing the systems, and not the people.

    With that said, accross pockets of Arab world, and in our neighborhood, irredentists hold contructive processes hostage– one attack on Mumbai, a few rockets into Israel invites often disproportionate response. This response itself is myopic, if not inhuman, and entirely counterproductive, because it only fuels the militant’s cause.

    My question to you: can (allow me to use a paradigm familiar to me) Gandhian methods work against enemies such as Israel? Will Kashmiri’s be able to get greater Azadi through Satyagraha?

    I tend to think so. But the denuement of current strategies hasn’t played out yet.


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