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Qazi writes MPs to join hands for country’s integrity

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmed has flayed the government for following former President Musharraf anti-country policies regarding national security. In his letter to the parliamentarians, he said that the people attached their hopes with the new government that it would change masses-killer polices but unfortunately it went on pleasing US and India like its predecessor.

He went on saying that there in no forum in the country where poor and dejected people’s issues could be addressed and the democratic government was joining its shoulder with the country’s enemy forces instead of addressing the nation’s issues.

He, however, urged the politicians to join their hands to safeguard the country’s integrity and every citizen’s life saying the parliamentarians could play their role to decrease the miseries of the people. After Mumbai attacks and Indian threats it has become more necessary to put pressure on the government to halt the operation against the “Reserve Force” (tribesmen) as these people would ensure the country’s integrity and protect its western boarders if India impose war, JI Amir stated in the letter.

It has proved that the army is engaged in a proxy war in the tribal areas when Pak army’ officers themselves stated that the troops would be withdrawn form the western belt if India launches any aggressive move against Pakistan, Qazi added.

It is the responsibility of the all politicians, intellectuals and civil society activists to play their due role in order to restore peace in the country as the ongoing insurgency in the parts of the country is a conspiracy hatched to hit the atomic power, the country’s integrity and its Islamic ideology.

He urged the parliamentarians to launch an awareness campaign in order to educate the people regarding real threats which the country is facing.

He again demanded of the government to implement the resolution passed in in-camera session of the parliament; however, he regretted on the Pak army saying it did not give due respect to the resolution rather it intensified its operation in the tribal areas and taking one step ahead it launched joint operation “Lion Heart” with US troops that he termed “disgrace of the resolution”. He said that US drones attack on residential areas of the country openly made fun of Chief of army staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz’s claim of safeguarding the country’s each inch.

He said that the people of the area are undergoing form terrible circumstances as they have to spend their nights under the sky; neither they have health facility nor food to eat and the number of IDPs has gone up to millions in the area. He urged the parliamentarians to play their role to restore peace in the region.-SANA

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