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CWLI to adopt a role different than Transparency International

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New int’l anti corruption body to focus on Pakistan, India
Islamabad: An international anti corruption body has been shaped in the Netherlands which see dishonesty as root cause of underdevelopment in the world. The association will specially focus on Pakistan and India. UK based industrial consultant Osman Gohar Tareen, the President of newly-formed Corruption Watch List International (CWLI) said the whole organisation is staffed with volunteers like subject-experts, lawyers, auditors, analysts and people who want to see a corruption-free world.

Corruption is highly interlinked with poverty and our role will be different than Transparency International which is educator. CWLI will take action against the corrupt, he said. Tareen, who is on a short visit to Pakistan, said the stories of corruption being printed in media are just tips of the icebergs. “Thousands of cases remain hidden and the crooks are roaming freely,” he said while meeting Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch at Islamabad.

In west, corruption is limited to businesses and politics but it is everywhere in underdeveloped world, he said. He furthered that governments and people in EU are comparatively honest than in the US.

Environment in the sub-continent flourishes corruption. Everyone knows that suffering and embarrassment will last for a few days even if he or she is caught. The offender always finds a way out, he noted. “Many believe that system in this part of the world is designed to support and promote corruption by creating opportunities,” said Tareen adding that it is deeply entrenched in the society at all levels.

Indian media has killed some two dozen high-profile corruption cases involving their top leaders. Pakistani media is better than India’s but it needs to be more objective as all sectors are affected by corruption, he said.

Assuring him full support, Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that the agencies supposed to combat corruption have become a political tool. People have lost faith in system. Earning as much illegitimate money as possible is seen as the only way to feel secured. “The standard of politics is declining in Pakistan, it without any principles, regard, responsibilities, moral sense or shame,” said Dr. Mughal adding that systematic corruption, ordinances for supporting corruption, immunities, keeping many outside the ambit of law is reasons of degradation. -Pak Economy Watch

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