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Indian aggression against Pakistan to be foolishness: Thawar

NEW DELHI: Former UN Under-Secretary and Indian diplomat Shashi thawar has said that Indian military aggression against Pakistan in the wake of Mumbai attacks would be a foolish step. Talking to an Indian private TV channel on Saturday, he said that the terrorist forces wanted to drag both the countries into a war as it is in the favour of these forces.

He said that India should avoid war as it would harm both the countries severely; however, he urged Indian government to trust Islamabad’s cooperation offered by the Pakistani government many times. New Delhi should acknowledge Islamabad’s steps against Jamaat-ud-Dawa as its offices were sealed across the country and its major leaderships was either put under house arrest or in jails. He said that international community unanimously showed its sympathy with India after Mumbai attacks as Jamaat-ud-Dawa was banned.

India should not ignore the fact that Pakistan itself is the victim of the terrorism as PPP late leader Benazir Bhutto lost her life in such attack as well as in Marriott Hotel suicide attack and others incidents thousands of Pakistanis had already lost their lives, he added. It is pertinent to mention that Thawar was Indian candidate in elections for UN Secretary General in 2006.-SANA

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  • Sir,
    Tharoor is naive or stupid or trying for another international position and being politically correct. If anyone cares to keep the proper perspective of the Mumbai attacks and history of Indian subcontinent for last 200 years right up to present time, then there are many countries and individuals who share the blame. The list includes: 1. British for dividing and pitting Hindus and Muslims of the continent against each other, 2. Again British for partioning the country in 1947, 3. US Administrations of last 60 years for encouraging the undemocratic rulers of Pakistan against India, 4. Indian governments of Congress for alienating the Muslim population of India and making them feel outsiders when in reality over 95% of them are decendants of Hindus who were forcibly converted by invading Moghuls throughout muslim rule in various parts of India during last 1100 years, 5. Incompetent, shortsighted and selfish policies of Jawah Lal Nehru and his decendants and cronies in continuing the appeasement and divisive policies of the Indian Governments in the name of Seculiarism and lastly 6. Ignorance, pettiness and corruption within the Pakistani and Indian (and Bangladeshi) societies.

    I feel this Mumbai attack was an essential happening, which may be a blessing in disguise. But if it still does not open the eyes of people in the subcontinent, then more such attacks will happen and may be the God’s way of cleansing the subcontinent of this poison. Thank you.