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Friday, July 23, 2021

Indian internal chaos behind Mumbai attacks: Durrani

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QUETTA: State Minister for Industries and Production Ayatullah Durrani on Saturday termed Mumbai carnage as result of internal disturbance in India ,added Pakistan has no link to the incident that jolted the entire world.

Talking to a group of journalists here in press club, Durrani described Indian allegations of Pakistan’s involvement in the incident as baseless and fabricated and said Pakistan itself was victim of terrorism for past many months and its beloved and world acclaimed leader Benazir Bhutto also fell prey to the continued terrorism. “In such a critical a situation when Pakistan is striving to preserve its own integrity and sovereignty, no sane person could accuse it of sponsoring terrorism to spoil relations with neighbors” he mentioned.

He held some obscurantist and fascist groups who want to run the world affairs in accordance with their own agenda responsible for the tragedy and said the entire world community is facing the terrorism threat. He described Pakistan as the most terror hit nation and held United States’ unilateral policies the responsible for deteriorating peace in the country.

He said the present government led by PPP was facing various challenges on national and international fronts. It, on one hand has to restore peace, check upward spiraling prices of daily use commodities and unemployment while on the other preserve the country’s ideological and physical foundries of the country.

He said the government had drawn a multidimensional strategy to get the country rid of prevailing crises in consultation with all the political parties. To a question about whether there exists any difference between the federal and provincial governments, he dispelled the impression.-SANA

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  1. India has already offerred to provide clues but only to the top politicians of Pakistan. India has already announced the names and places from where terrorists arrived into Mumbai. What more does one need to do?
    Either way it doesnt mean that entire Pakistan has sponsored terrorists if they hail from Pakistan. India certainly want Pak to control the terror activities on its soil. Now we dont want to go to War? Do we….

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