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President to overcome economic, security issues soon

National Traders Alliance (National Traders Alliance (NTA) Friday said future of the sub-continent lies in peace and enhanced trade. Countries in the SAARC grouping cannot progress by ignoring other partners. Malik Sohail Hussain, VP, NTA and former senior vice president of ICCI Friday said that trade and commerce should not become victim of politics. Confrontation will hurt both countries.

President Asif Ali Zardari would use his gift of wisdom in the management of public affairs to bailout country from the economic problems and normalise current volatile situation. “Business community firmly believes that President will overcome all the internal and external problems soon and lead the country on part of peace and prosperity,” he said.

Chairman Blue Area Traders Association Malik Sagheer Ahmed, Shahid Alam, Liaquat Noon, Naeem Siddiqui, Abdul Hameed Abbasi, Syed Amin Pirzada, Ch. Muhammad Naeem, Yusuf Rajput and other leaders said Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has made history by convening APC and opposition has demonstrated great deal of responsibility by setting aside their difference in the current delicate situation.

They said that Indian visa policy will not help any country but may strain bilateral relation. They said it is unfortunate that major trade between the two neighbours take place via third countries. Bilateral trade is less than 1.5 billion dollars while it should have been 10 billion USD initially. The trade between other regional groupings is 30 to 40 percent. “The standard of living of the people of sub-continent cannot be enhanced without bilateral trade and we cannot live in tensions or by ignoring each other”, said Malik Sohail Hussain.

He lamented that Pakistan and India imports many items from EU, US Japan etc, which reflects negatively in their import bills and hurt balance of payments. India is the largest tea producer while Pakistan is the world’s third largest importer that relies on Kenyan tea. Similarly, Pakistan can save a lot by getting IT and Software expertise and internet data facility from neighbouring country.

Similarly, he said, India will be loosing end if it discontinue cement imports from Pakistan as it will hurt all mega projects and add to existing downturn. Malik Sohail Hussain said that the SAARC countries, especially Pakistan and India should enhance trade to minimise political differences and increase standard of living of over 1.5 billion people who are suffering for no crime on their part.

Pakistan and India have no other option but to accept reality and live accordingly. Terrorists are enemies of both countries and mudslinging will only benefit enemies of peace. -SANA

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