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PESA condemns Indian baseless blaming

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association (PESA) has condemned Indian baseless allegation on Pakistan in connection to Mumbai attacks.

PESA, in an emergent meeting held here in the wake of Mumbai attacks here on Friday, said that India used to seek opportunity to implicate ISI in every mishap took place in its territory to hide its own security failure saying it is not fair to blame ISI for barbaric act of Mumbai without any solid evidence.

It was said that India had already blamed Pakistan for Samjhota Express incident in which 68 Pakistanis were killed brutally but later it went wrong as extremist Hindus were found guilty in the bloody incident.-SANA

The meeting made it clear to India that Pakistan would not be silent over its baselessly blaming and Pak army is ready to foil Indian aggression; however the meeting also stated that to blame Pakistan for Mumbai attacks is the part of US, India and Israel’s joint agenda to weaken the army and ISI in order to deprive the country of atomic power

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  • Strange how all of Pakistan keeps denying facts even after the Pakistani goverment has accepted the same. What credentials does PESA have ? They seem to be in the same self denial mode. With the goverment’s acceptance makes the PESA a laughable stock.To all Pakistani’s, stop acting like an ostrich , take your head out of the sand, and start questioning your goverments actions. Indians are prosperous and moving up the world social ladder. If you have not noticed Pakistan is going around (yet again) the world with its begging bowl.