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Civil society asks Dogar to resign

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ISLAMABAD: A number of civil society organisations (CSOs) , human rights activists and lawyers belonging to the movement for restoration of deposed Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Friday demanded of immediate resignation of CJ Abdul Hameed Dogar from his office.

It was stated that the civil society did not impute malafide motives or action upon CJ Dogar’s offspring; but did believe that the action of FBISE did certainly demonstrate both malafide intentions and illegal actions, which were courageously revealed by the brave journalist. The civil society demanded that Federal Secretary, Ministry of Education must urgently make a public statement on why FBISE too such an illegal steps, what pressure were exerted upon its head, when and by whom.

They demanded that the ministry must take punitive action against the culprits and right the wrong committed. CSOs also noted with grave concern the emerging stories of other judges’ offspring being refused admission to medical colleges, despite obtaining the requisite high marks on merit, and strongly condemned the act of favouritism so blatantly displayed in CJ Dogar’s case. It also strongly condemned the government’s attempt to gag, threaten and frighten the media in FBISE case, and vowed to continue their support for media freedom.

Civil society activists strongly condemned the undue advantage taken and unfair benefit gained by CJ Dogar’s position, and said that only his resignation could expiate this wrong, particularly because the judiciary should always be above personal gain. It was said that he should resign because he has gravely compromised the sanctity of his office, if he doesn’t resign, President Zardari must place his case before the supreme judicial council of Dogar’s peers.

However, CSOs vowed to continue its struggle for the independence of the judiciary. The civil society activist demeaned President Zardari to immediately restore the deposed judges including deposed CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.-SANA

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