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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Kashmiris harassed in New Delhi

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SRINAGAR: As the Indian investigations have begun probe in the terror strikes in Mumbai, the Kashmiris have again come under the radar of security agencies in New Delhi and other parts of India. They are being harassed by the security agencies and forced to leave the rented apartments by their landlords.

Sadiq Ahmad, a computer professional told Rising Kashmir over phone from New Delhi, “Delhi police and other security agencies are keeping constant vigil and watch on the movement of Kashmiris. Some of them have also been picked up for questioning.“My friend, whose name I cannot reveal, was picked up for questioning in Nizam-ud-Din area. He was released later after interrogation,” Sadiq said.

A student Mansoor Ahmad, who was detained by cops at Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi before boarding the flight, told Rising Kashmir, “The security officials stopped me on the mere pretext of identification. I displayed my identity card to them but they did not accept it and started harassing me. I was not allowed to board the Srinagar-bound flight,” said Mansoor, son of a senior police officer in Kashmir. “I was released only after the intervention of my father,” he added.

Some Kashmiris complained that the landlords have asked them to leave the rented apartments. “My landlord asked me to leave the house after Mumbai attacks,” Ruhulla Wahid, a tour operator working in Delhi said. Wahid said, “The landlord told me that being a Kashmiri Muslim I cannot stay in his house.”

The shawl vendors complained that Delhi residents are scary of allowing them to sell their goods in their houses. “Everybody fears us. They apprehend that Delhi police might question them in case they purchase goods from us,” said a businessman.-SANA

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  1. Who ever the stupid author is should understand that they are just interogatting and its not called harassing. You stupid country is doing nothing to all the terrorists in your country and thats why there is unrest in the whole world. so stop creating HATE amongst normal people of india and pakistan. Its YOU who is creating a feeling that muslims are being mistreated in India. Please ask a muslim and then see what the answer is. Noreen Gill.. YOU SUCK


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