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US lead forces creating unrest in FATA: Orakzai


ISLAMABAD: Former Governor NWFP and Corps Commander Peshawar Lt Gen (Retd) Ali Muhammad Jan Orakzai has said current situation in FATA was not a local phenomenon rather things have spilled over into Pakistan from across its western borders where US and allied forces have drastically failed to achieve any of their stated targets.

This he said while addressing to a seminar organized by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) on “FATA Situation; Causes, Consequences and the Way Forward”. General Orakzai said that the tribal people are friendly, hospitable, committed to their principals of dignity, devoted Muslims but not at all fundamentalists and they could not be termed as “fundamentalists”. “Till March 2004 he had not heard about militant Taliban in FATA”, he added.

Former Governor also explained to the audience the plan initiated in 2006 for the sustainable development of the area and huge potential in the filed of minerals and other natural reserves. He said no government tried to bring tribal people in the mainstream of Pakistan.

While, proposing the way forward, he proposed the revival of Grand Peace Jirga with redefine and broadened mandate, initiation of massive development work and opening of opportunities for the tribal youth. He stressed that the dialogue should precede the military, which has to be “specific” and “based on credible intelligence” to avoid collateral damage.

He strictly rejected the air power and warned that this could result even more drasticall. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of the Institute of Policy Studies, Professor Khurshid Ahmed said that unanimous resolution passed in joint session of the parliament provided an unambiguous guideline for handling the situation and needed to be put into practice without further delay.

Concluding the session Barrister Sadia Abbasi who chaired the seminar said Pakistan is enriched by “all sorts of enemies and all sorts of conspiracies” and “restoring the confidence of nation into parliament and army is the need of the hour” which could be done through positive and visible practical steps.

Dr Razia Sultana, former ambassador Tayyab Siddique and ambassador of Uzbekistan H .E.Oybek Arif Usmanov were also participated in the seminar.-SANA



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