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Sachar Committee report has flaws

Sachar Committee report is a report that is merely a 404 pages documents and nothing more than that. It is basically a committee that states the condition of Muslims in India in terms of social, economic and educational status. According to this committee the conditions of Muslims are worst than Schedule Caste and Tribes in India. This report was tabled in Parliament on 30th November 2006.

The Report is very disappointing in all sense and it is a step for remake of Pakistan Part-2. There are lots of facts and figures on which the report has been prepared are baseless. I am not here to criticize this report but I would like to draw some basic flaw of this report:

1. A point in the report states that Muslims are very less in number in the government jobs. An answer to this may be drawn out as follow: Almost 95% of the elite Muslim group who were largely dependent on Jobs left India at the time of partition and those who were left are mostly rural and they are self-employed and self service providers. A great majority of them, under the influence of powerful mullahs, kept away from modern education and, in consequence, modern jobs and professions. Thus, the figures for Muslim percentage in government jobs practically started from a zero base. This point should have been mentioned in the report’s overall analysis. Its omission is a serious statistical error. It is same case as that of small numbers of Hindus that stayed backed in Pakistan.

2. The Sachar committee report totally ignored the fact that there is a large number of Muslims who are self-employed people, tradesmen and service providers and who do not feel the need to secure a government job. Also, the social and economic position of a community does not necessarily depend on the jobs that its members hold in the government or the organized sector. If that had been the case, I am afraid the position of Parsees, to take one example, would be extremely backward.

3. Another area where it has gone completely wrong is in creating an impression that India’s entire educational and economic system has gone out of its way to exclude Muslims. Whereas, in actual fact, we have all gone out of our way to give placement to them wherever they merit selection. There are indeed, some very serious errors, on the statistical front.

4. According to Prof. Imtiaz Hussain, who thrashed the report on the ground that the report has ignored the status of Muslims in terms of jobs held in all the South Indian states and others like Gujarat and West Bengal. He pointed out that the Muslims in this states are in much better condition than reported in the Sachar Report. He questioned the statistics presented by the Sachar Committee in relation to the Census data which shows that the Muslims are better off in several states.

5. Muslim Scholar Prof. A.R. Hashim, also criticized the report saying that the report has compared the Muslim Community with Hindu community, after removing the Schedule Caste and Tribes from the Hindu Community. Removing this bulk of Peoples who are in terms of Data will give an obvious statistical error.

6. The Chief Minister of West-Bengal Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya had also criticized this report. He said the report totally ignored the Muslim peasantry who benefited from the state’s land reforms programme. Also, our business organizations are still dominated by the caste system. Consequently, a company dominated by banias generally looks out for banias. In that process too Muslims and minorities suffer as much as people belonging to other Hindu castes. This need not necessarily be an anti-Muslim bias.

7. Justice Sachar has clearly ignored the fact that Muslims are doing well in many areas. Like take the example of Azim Premji, chairman of Wipro, the richest corporate Indian, Habib Rahman, chairman ITC Hotels, Habil Khorakiwala of Wockhardt, the Cipla group, Israt Hussain, a top associate of Ratan Tata, and many others.

8. The Sachar Committee didn’t taken into account the glass workers of Ferozabad, brass manufacturers and traders of Moradabad, the textile operators of Bhiwandi, the carpet makers of Kashmir and the Zari workers of Varanasi. Sadly, these people do not find any mention in the Sachar Report which chose to concentrate only on certain levels of government jobs and worked out the position of Muslims only on that account.

9. The Committee has not taken into account the overwhelming eminent position occupied by Muslims in Bollywood, including the fact that almost 50 per cent of top actors and actresses are Muslims, if not more.

It remains a mystery why the government had not assign this work to its own minority affairs divisions or at least to National Minorities Commission, instead why they have chosen a third party for this analysis. It is also a big mystery that why did the government accepted the Sachar Committee Report without discussing it in Parliament or at least an informal debate.

Government and Indian National cannot be at a large basis be accused by the Sachar Committee report as a whole. Indian Muslims occupy a pride of place in our democracy, and Gujarat (2002) and Babri Masjid (1992) are exceptions, not the rule.

Summarizing the whole discussion only one point can be drawn and that is Sachar Committee has failed both in analysis and conclusions.

About the author

Ambarish Pandey

Ambarish Pandey is currently working for PricewaterhouseCoopers PVT. LTD. in India, Kolkata. He is a Senior Consultant in the Advisory Division of the firm. He holds Engineering degree from Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, India's second oldest Engineering college. Besides Developing websites and other software jobs he loves to blog on Women, Minority Issues.

His hobbies are Cooking, Collectibles and Archeology(Egyptology), Bengal's & Punjab's History... His book on cookery in Bengali under title "Hesel"(Kitchen) has been published in India.


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  • First I seek apology that I am not knowledgeable enough to comment on such an issue.

    So my comment will have a lot of personal bias.

    This is a very well written article. I thank the Editor and the author.

    I don’t personally believe in giving preference to a particular class of people, majority , minority, cast, creed as long as there is level playing field is made available to all and there is no discrimination.Rest should depend on people’s abilities. Here the example of Parsis, is a very appropriate one. That India has created fa level playing field is obvious from its film industry which is ruled by three Khans and other similar examples cited by the author.

    Again during the British rule, as it is rightly said in the article, Muslims stayed away from Modern Education due probably to their religious sentiment and thus fell behind the others.

    However as the modern economics tend to theorize that poverty,backwardness some times is a state of mind where these people are just happy with what they do , what they have and lack the ambition to advance. If that is the psychology then some kind of Social Marketing might be needed to correct that problem.

    Once again thanks to the author for the article.

  • Thank u Delwar Da,

    For going through my article. I had written this article just to prove that India is not at all biased to any religion as stated by the Sachar Committee. Although, in some cases…people may see some incidents like Gujrat…but in majority we believe in unity of all cast and religion and it is expected from every Indian to be a partner in the development of India…irrespective of cast and religion.We are Indians and we are proud of it.Bangladesh, our Bengali land is also having same policy like India and i am really happy about their policy. I am proud of my Bengali brothers.

    This article is an answer to a particular person who had adviced my friend Dr. Maqbool Hussain to go through the Sachar committee report.

    Again thank u Bor Da…for giving your precious time to my article.

    Also i would like to thank Rubab…to show so much interest in Bengal and Bengali peoples. Its worth of appreciation that a person who stays so far from Bengal and have no connection with it…has so much love for Bengal.Thank u Rubab..thanks a lot..dear!!!

    Joy Bangla…Joy Bangali….Jug Jug Beche thak amar Bangla Maa…..Mukto Bangla Sadhin Bangla….Rabindranather Bangla …Nazrul er Bangla…