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Hindutva Hand In Mumbai Terror: Dal Khalsa

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LONDON: While speculation mounts on the involvement of Islamist Jidhadist groups in Mumbai’s carnage ,Dal Khalsa UK would like to point out that the Fanatical Hand of Hindutva could be behind the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and its Hotels. The hand of Hindutva groups and radical Hindu outfits like the Bajrang Dal, RSS, alongside Shiv Sena could well be behind the latest string of attacks, mostly aimed at the general public and tourists, spokesman of Dal Khalsa (UK) said.

For the last 6 months the Indian Nation has been in World News Headlines regarding the on going genocide and ethnic cleansing of Christians in the North Eastern State of Orrisa, the Pope, EU and other World leaders have expressed their outrage to the Indian Govt about the brutal killings, rapes and destruction of Christian Churches in Orissa by Fanatical Hindu Terror groups.

The word ‘Hindu Terrorism’ has also popped up in the Media in the last few weeks and leading newspapers like The Times UK and others are actively monitoring Hindutva outfits like the RSS and Bajrang Dal and their activities in Orissa against Christians all this and pressure from activist groups in the UK have led to the RSS and Hindutva Terrorism in Orrisa to be discussed in the UK House Of Lords. Lord Patten (Conservative), with a whole host of Bishops has called on the UK Govt. to protest the killings and genocide and have also discussed a ban on these groups.

The Hindutva terrorism in Orrisa has given India a bad name in the international community, in order to take away the attention from Orissa Hindutva groups may well have engineered these attacks to take the attention away from ‘Hindu Terrorism’ which was reaching world headlines and back to Islamic Terrorism. Its important to point out that in the last week at least 200 bodies have been recovered dumped on a jungle in the state of Orrisa that just shows the magnitude of the killings in the North Eastern State.

Not only this the attacks could also have been carried out to have an influence on the outcome of India’s next elections, as the Congress led Govt. is weak and is heavily opposed by most major Hindutva groups .In order to get into power once more through the BJP and to grab the votes of Hindu Nationalists these attacks may well have been engineered at just the right time. The reason for this is that 2 Leading officials who were leading the Investigation into ‘Hindu Terror Cells’ in Mumbai have been killed, it is important at this time to recall the arrest of the Hindu Sadhvi Pragya Thakur she was arrested for the Malegoan blasts and had alleged involvement in making bombs and bomb factories. The ATF Chief leading the investigation Hemant Karkare was killed a few days ago in the Mumbai Terror attacks along with another ATF senior member, Hindu radicals have celebrated his death as a blessing from God and have expressed their gratitude that he is now dead. This is evident from comments left on Indian News Blogs:

‘Pragya’s heartfelt cry and prayer to Hindu Goddess Durga, that might have resulted in the killing of not only Hemant Karkare but also other members of ATS and the Marthi Police manoos.’

‘Death of Hemant Karkare 1 ATS head Hemant Karkare’s demise was welcomed by Hindus as he was trying to create artificial Hindu terrorists’. ATS head Hemant Karkare’s death is due to his illegal and immoral way of detaining a Hindu Sadhvi Pragya.’

This leads us to ask the question as to why the head of a Govt agency who deals not with criminals but with terrorists was killed?IWhere was his security?Body armour?ts easy to say he was shot dead and so on,but would we see Metropolitan Chief Sir Paul Stephenson, on the front line in an attack like this in the UK?

There is the possibility the head of the ATF was killed of due to his exposure of Hindu Terrorism and the arrest of the Sadhvi, Hindutva groups were growing very hostile towards the ATF and their uncovering and use of the word Hindu Terrorism.The BJP/RSS has and continue to actively support the Sadhvi and all the suspects arrested in the Malegaon Blast cases, and they are highly critical of the ATF and its management.

With the attacks being blamed on Islamic Jihadists and Pakistan this may well be used as a reason to crack down on Muslims living within India, and one cannot rule out the chance of another ‘Gujarat 2002′(Genocide) through the Right Wing propaganda of the RSS Hindutva terrorists. In 2002 as well Islamic Fanatics were blamed for the train bombing of Hindus ,but earlier this year it came to light that these attacks were themselves engineered by the Bajrang Dal and RSS ,this attack was used as a reason to attack Muslims and cause communal tensions all this was exposed by the Tehelka Network in an undercover sting operation using hidden cameras and interviews of Hindutva leaders.

The Chinese Official Daily also says that Hindutva may have a hand in this horrific incident

Tehreeek E Kashmir also expresses similar views.

Dal Khalsa UK and the Sikh Community as a whole would like to at this time send its condolences to the families of the victims of this sickening attack on unarmed civilians and tourists who were going about their daily lives only for them to be tragicly ended by the terror of cowards and inhumane terrorists

We hope peace prevails and that the spirit of Humanity shines through these dark days.-SANA

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  1. ha ha….Pakistan has hand behind this..this is there old habit..u are fucking nation..
    what is your image in worldwide every one knows that…

    fuck off u…

  2. I don’t know who is Dal Khalsa…or what it had said….but one thing i can say what happened is terrible. I don’t know who is the culprit….but the sufferers were ordinary people.It all had left us with a big sorrow a pain that will never overcome…..i would pray to supremo for the peace of the departing souls…and it will be very good for all…if the culprits are arrested and may public teach them a lesson…
    Hindu or Muslim fanatics are terrorists…..they cannot see the tears that all left behind.,…they only full fill their misdeeds…..and nothing more…..


    Bhai…..it is not worth to shout on some one else……..but to see what were ours fault…how the terrorists were successful…in their misdeeds….after we have identified our faults no one can harm us any more…..trust me!!!…

  3. You really mean this, don’t you? That’s even scarier than the massacres carried out by these cold-blooded thugs. You probably believe that the World Trade Center attacks were carried out by Jews and Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a Hindutva terrorist who sneaked across the border because she promised to fight terrorism. Where would that leave the lovely game Indian terrorists have been playing all these years, rushing between India and Pakistan in their killing sprees, occasionally flying off to the rest of the world for suicide bombings when they could spare time? They do that all the time in order to destabilize Pakistan, a thriving, ascending democracy that India is really jealous of and to tarnish Islam which we all know is a religion of peace, understanding, love, forgiveness and tolerance. And those camps in Pakistan? Ah, but for those freedom fighters, Jews, Christians, Hindus and every real terrorist group would have succeeded in their foul intentions even more than they are doing now. I would never defend acts of carnage against Muslims, and continue to be against the war in Iraq and the slaughter of civilians there. But I would place blame where it ought to be. I don’t want blood on my hands by offering unconscionable conspiracy theories that make one look even more contemptible than these mass murderers.

  4. You are out of your mind. Everything is a conspiracy. Jews did it, Hindus did it, the Mosad did it, Americans did it, imperialism does it, the colonial past is responsible, “can’t rule out the possibility”, a war on Islam, “We are constantly victimized” blah blah blah. No one in their right minds believes this. These attempts to deny, speculate, to make the true source of guilt disappear, and evade finger pointing don’t wash. Of course there are Hindu fanatics, and I know why they are mad. Crazy mad. It is people who think like you that make them really really mad.

  5. Oh dear, is someone feeling coy about an old history of pro-Khalistan (hence the Dal Khalsa link, Ambarish) terrorism now? Don’t you get it, guys? We’re all capable of terror: Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians… God knows there are enough idiots of every stripe and color and a long history of wanton violence. When it happens, the point is to condemn it and yes, take ownership, and try to stop it, not to follow the ostriches with heads buried in sand policy. Not to duck behind a holier than thou them-not-us, but take responsibility in one’s community, regardless of which one it is in each case. We’re playing with fire here. This is like Pakistan in its eternal quest for “evidence.” When your terrorist Frankensteins strangle you in the end (and don’t kid yourselves that it’s not already happening) then you’ll have enough “evidence,” but it’ll be too late.

  6. We could have suspected the “Hindu terrorists”, if Mr.Karkare and others were murdered by some unknown assailants. But the things turned out to be, the ATS chief and co-officers became instrumental in further killing of innocent people, by providing the terrorists, their police vehicle. Why on the earth, they went to Cama Hospital place, if they did not even had some bricks with them to throw at the terrorists? Did they know that Hindu terrorists like Pragya was stationed there? It is not correct to say anything without knowing the fact; and it is not decent to accuse one who is dead; but it was utter foolishness that lead to the mishap on qualis. At least they should have realised their capabilities and limitations while encountering a terrorist attack. They are called “anti terrorist squad”. How can one believe that they went down without any fight at all; and allowed the terrorists to take the running vehicle? It cannot be equated to the ambushes our soldiers are occasionally subjected to. Think before you act. Thank you.

  7. What is Mubarak Nashar talking and what you guys are discussing and debating? Mubarak Nashar seems to be a typical pakistani leader who wants to promote terrorism but wants to put blame on some foreign entity. Please know the facts well…! There is a terrorist of pakistani origin who has been captured and has revealed all his Lashkar links, his 1 year training in Muzaffarabad, the names of the HEADS who have taught them to use different kinds of dreaded ammunition, their intellegence chief, their journey to India from Karachi and everything that can be linked to Pakistan and Lashkar e- taiba.
    As far as ATS chief is concerned, they may have known that they may die as they were having only rifles with them; but yet the three of them attempted to trap the terrorist but unfortunately got killed. They died a hero’s death and they are martyrs and not like the ISI and the Lashkar chiefs who wants to operate from behind the curtains.

  8. Who is Mubarak Nashar? Is he worth discussing. Since each and every proof has come before World now, it is futile to dicuss him any more.

    I hope he will open his senses now.

  9. 1. Russaia says Dawood Ibrahim’s gang facilitated the attack, while Pakistan denies Dawood is in Pakistan

    2. This article is of the same genre of lies that Pakistan is used to promoting .. that Pakistan was never involved in nuclear proliferation; then suddenly AQ Khan acted in his individual capacity; then AQ Khan turns around and says the Pakistan Govt. knew what he was doing …

    3. No one believes what Pakistan and its leaders say .. LIARS!!!

  10. I firmly believe that the bombay attacks were carried out by the Hindu terrorists. Hindu nation is a terrorist nation and nobody knows it more than us.
    Khalistan wins freedom

  11. well all of you guyz dont know the details except the newx wat u r hearing and news wat we r getting in pakistan, if both sides will see no body will take responsibility of mambai attacks.. see the politicians in india are blaming pakistan, they caught a so called pakistani too but that doesnt prove anything. ok i will say i was behind mombai attacks. u cant blame me for that. u shud blame ur protectors, where was the army, where was security? wat was the backup?

    why the best men of ATS got killed in these attacks? why did widow of karkare refuse money from lalit moodi? how did terrorists entered mumbai by a rubber boat? my dear and stupid friends dont be fools and just believe wat u r hearing. go behind the scenes, use ur common sense. dont just blame sumone or say dat we are innocent.

    All i want to say is watever happend in mumbai was preplanned by sumone from inside. without dat it couldnot be possible and there are many things to consider before blaming sumone.

  12. Pakistan must select 5000 sites within India and bomb it. Whoever starts the nuclear war, wins it. Pakistan MUST destroy India., even if it means the destruction of the whole of Pakistan. India and RSS will not see sense. They will not see reason. Hindus are barbarians. Look at their real (and ugly) face.. Mumbai 1992.. Gujarat 2002. Babu Bajrangi represents the real face of Hindutva. Sadhvi Pragya represents the Hindu womanhood. Hindus will not listen to argument and logic. Muslims are suffering because they are soft, decent, polite and engaging. They must become brutal like the Israelis… and bomb India… to hell with the consequences. Muslims must adopt Israel as its role-model… and take their heat out on Hindus… If they have RSS, muslims must find an antidote to RSS. You cannot fight RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal/Durga Vahini with essays… and roses. Fight them with force. Only force is respected.

  13. For Pakistanis
    Now that Mr president(Mr Zardari) has agreed..is there anything left to say. There is no point living in fools paradise guys. You very well know that even u wont dare step in few areas of west Pakistan!!Acceptance can still pave a way towards improvement but until u don accpt it..damage will continue…ah and yes.. in worst case ..5000 sites wont be enough ..even if 10000 sites are destroyed India still has enough strength to wipe out ….but i hope u realise that its not a solution.
    For Non Pakistanis
    Guys its not easy for peaceful normal people ,like us, to accept that their country breeds terrorism and is cornered by the world. They love their country equally and it will obviously hurt them to digest this hard truth, we should be polite.

  14. Suna,


    Ek sardarji tha usne kya kaha padhliya.

    Sardarji ko akal kitni hoti hai sabko malum hai.

    I respect Sardars, they are warriors and patriots,

    but not this Sardar.


  15. “Pakistan times” seems to be a resonable publisher .. So , please do not dilute your position by publishing all these craps by so called Dal Khalsha ..

    Pakistan is under serous trouble .. Pakistanis knows .. whole world knows .. so do not try to divert attention to hide the actual cause that will harm more to the Pakistani people .

  16. I have read quite interesting comments here. What surprises me are couple of things. Hindu attitude towards minorities is extremely shameful. One girl here Shilpa posting jokes about sardars is disgusting. You call yourself educated? If it were not for all sikhs in Indian army, you can hardly fight a war. At least respect them. We are no friends with sikhs but we respect them as brave enemies. Thats the way it should be. Another gentleman said Pakistan is a child of India? How come you were ruled a child for more than 500 years? I think idiotic comments should be avoided. Its not easy to subdue the muslim nation as a whole. Live and let live in peace. As far as Mumbai attack is concerned, we all condemn such events and responsibles should be brought to justice. Who is really behind this we still do not know the full story. I think key to all this is that both sides release full information to the public. Though Hemant karkare’s murder doesn’t fit in the equations but I hope that there must be some investigation already done on that too.

  17. There is a guy here under the name RP. Read his statements. According to him Russia told him Daud Ibrahim is in Pakistan. Well, If Russia tells him go and jump intio the river I hope he will do it immediately. Even if Daud is in Pakistan then it doesn’t prove anything. If India asking his hand over then why dont they hand over the Samjhota express Indian Terrorist Colonel prohit to pakistan? Are not they protecting him? He is involved in other terrosits artivities too in malegaon. How about handing over Dalai Lama to China? according to them he is also required and by giving him a safe heaven in India for decades, isn’t India b breaking rules here? I don’t care what west says about dalai lama. How about supporting LTTE in Srilanka? It’s not hidden from the entire world that RAW had special links with LTTE and supported them for years against Srilankan government? How would we classify this act of state terrorism by India? Let’s talk a little bit about the domestic genocide which is an acute form of domestic terrorism. List is long. From Sikh Massacre across India by the Hindu terrorists in which they did not even spare women and children, 2002 Genocide of Gujrati Muslim community and 2008 the Christian genocide in India which was covered by the whole world media. Why not after 25 years Tytler was brought to justice. Even a child can see his hand in the sokh genocideList can go on and on. Bottomline is if 197 people killed in mumbai are important and there is such a noise of justice for them then why not sikhs who lost thousands in 1984 sikh genicide is not equally important. Why not to serve them justice after 25 years of that event? Justice delayed is justice denied.

  18. dear sardarjis (i am a singh myself)who have posted comments here blaming hindu terrorists,that if you are really sardars or muslims disguishing themselves as such because they follow the accepted principle of deception in islam,you seem to have a very short memory of what the musalmans did to our Gurujis. I would prefer to stay with hindu terrorits rather than muslim because muslims will never ever accept sikhs.
    I am glad that hindus have woken up to fight their corner and the awakening is a result of islamism forcing its will on non muslims. Fire with fire is the only way to deal with evil.
    and if you are really a sardar then shame on you for putting out this propaganda you are doing exactically what muslims do and this is to decieve

  19. i am also sikh- hindus and sikhs are brothers- sikh gurus were born hindu and we respect the traditions of hindu arya samaji- our faiths dont allow for things like this- only in extreme minorities- karma is coming to get pakistan now and as we can see it is paying for years of evil action- sadly the good people of pakistan have to pay too, they should just come to india

  20. Well – India is secular and there are a handful of fanatics.
    here is my view as a secular
    Sikhs with automatic guns in the Golden temple – BAD guys
    Sikhs whom I work, play and pray – Good guys

    Muslims like Md. Ghazi( who looted my country), Kasab(who killed innocent people) – REAL BAD guys
    Muslims like ex-president Dr. A. Kalam and my old classmate Naeem who is now a doctor – REAL Good guys

    Hindus like Sadhvi, Purohit – BAD guys
    Hindus like Vivekanand, and almost 99.99% Hindus I know – Good guys

    Christians who try to convert illiterate people by giving them a pencil and a meal and then leave them to rot as they were – BAD guys
    Christians who ran our convent schools and nurse the poor – Good guys

    All in All
    Anyone thinking about terrorism and against interest of INDIA – VERY bad guys
    Anyone thinking for prosperity and future – the ONLY good guys.

    Of course – every citizen has to look out for interst of his/her own country. But I think I have made my point!!


  21. This is very nice peace of information..mr karkare’s death is giving a thought to this…indians use their mind against pakistan and pakistani leaders don’t hve mind to protect there country from these blames.

  22. Dal Khalsa has no clout/existence in Punjab, India. So we can very well understand the credibility of their remarks, sitting in UK and the purpose of posting the news in this forum !

    Now, few points have been mentioned above.

    1. Indians have great respect for all communities living in India.

    2. We have a Sikh PM, we have a Catholic Head of Ruling party. Few months back we had a Muslim President. My Pakistani friends: Can you ever imagine this in your country ?

    3. Hindus have a history of more than 4,000 years wherein they’ve never attacked a foreign land. 3 great religions have grown in India, Buddhism, Jainism, Shikism and flourised in other parts of the world.

    4. Hindu extremism has grown and is evident in last 15-20 years. Now Hindus have started thinking of their safety.

    5. My Pakistani friends are talking about Rights of Minority: Just see the % of minorities in Pakistan and their social status of living, yearwise after 1947 and you will get your answer. AND you’ll shut your mouth in surprise that we have all minorities thriving here in India. That’s civilization and democracy.

    6. Now the attacks on Sikhs after Indira Gandhi’s murder was a heinous crime. We’ve no words other than apologies and all Govt after that have tried maximum for the upliftments of Sikh community in India. AND Sikh community knows it.

    7. Gujarat: Another black spot. But here I’ve something to say. I was in Gujarat at that point of time. People often forget the cue to this riot. That is the carnage in Godhra train, Sabarmati Exp where more than 50 Hindu pilgrims had been charred to death by around 1500 Muslims. Any Hindu living in Gujarat just thought Enough is Enough. It was an immediate and retaliatory action unanimously supported by all Hindus. Yes, had the ministry acted faster, the loss could have been lesser. And after that, 2 local elections have passed, bringing the same Govt with huge majority in Gujarat. Undoubtedly, Gujarat is the most advanced state in India in terms of industrialization, infrastructure and most importantly job creation( for all ).

    8. Minorities in India hopefully have understood that throughout the world, they need to respect the majority sentiment to stay as friends.

    9. You are talking about Hemant Karkare !! More than 20 Police officers, commandoes, Security forces have been killed in that attack in Mumbai, fighting terrorists.

    10. Within our limited capacity, we are trying our best to grow without begging for money from all around the world. Probably that has given us the power of thinking differently from the beggars.

    11. Well, now the time has come for judgement. Whole world knows what is happening where. So dear friends from Pakistan, better clean your own house, before you dig holes in the neighbourhood. Or else your Govt’s over-confidence will not get a chance to see the daylight again.

    Wish you all the best as long as you wish us the best !!

    Long Live Humanity..

  23. Frankly , I find arguing with any Pakistani , a simple waste of time. They do not seem to realise that they have a huge problem looming up. Just to remind Pakistanis of its problems:
    1 the nation is practically bankrupt.
    2 it is the cradle of terrorism
    3 it is the worst nuclear prolifligator of all time.
    4 parts of it are ruled hors central goverment
    5 it uses terrorism as a policy
    6 it keeps blaming India for its shortfalls.
    7 it wants Kashmir to be liberated, but does Kashmir want to be liberated.
    8 Even Bangladesh is much safer, prosperous and forward moving nation since its creation.

    So to all you Pakistan lovers, kindly get all your facts straight and clean up your house before you start calling your neighbour names

  24. one thing i can understand from this debate, all muslims (except some of the literate indian muslims) in the world has same thinking

    1. never accept problem.
    2. all bad things done by muslims, put under the carpet.
    3. blame India and Hindus for every possible thing.

    grow up guys world is changing very fast, and u ppl are still there in 1947. pakistan can never come to india’s level. we r slow but far ahead than pakistan. and u see next 20 years is ours. nobody can stand in front of india.

  25. India is just safe for a mission . That mission is started by anti-china world. They find India an alternative for China. But Game is going to over because China is taking over and opening up her markets for all (Even anti-china world). Then NATO will act and India will be as:

    1) Issaistan ( Country for Christian in India; killed 1000s of innocents by Indian Army ) see – http://www.stephen-knapp.com/christian_persecution_in_india.htm

    2) Khalistan (Country for Sikhs; killed 50000 Sikhs by India Army ) http://www.sikhnet.com/daily-news/tragic-memory-operation-blue-star-op-ed

    3) Land of Peace ( Country for Low Caste Hindus; killed 100000 low caste Hindus by Indian Hindu Terrorists )

    4) New Pakistan ( Country for Muslims; killed 130,000 Muslims by Indian Army in Kashmir and India itself)

    India soon will be divided into these 4 states (New Countries ) in the world. Balance Hindu terrorists ( India Army) will be killed NATO with cluster bombs rain in revenge with thousands of low caste Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims .

    Good luck India!

    Happy Reborn 🙂

  26. Definately indian organizations were behind MUMBAI attack.
    This was done in close collaboration with MOSSAD and hindu radical organizations. They used this card very intelligently.
    Sadhu Pragya and the fucking colonel purohit was released after hemant karkare was killed.

    India got a strong reason to tackle pakistan by saying that pakistani terrorist was behind the attacks.

    I cant really believe how such a conpiracy was hatched.

    This is the direct result of inidas growing relations with ISRAEL.

    MOSSSAD was behind the twin tower attacks.

    The condition of india is pathetic almost al the states are suffering from terrorism.
    Recently around 100 security personals were killed by NAXALS.
    130000 MUSLIMS have been murdered by INDIAN FORCES in KASHMIR.
    Every day conspiracies are being hatched.

    @ DAX.

    Dont try to be smart.

    In GODHRA train carnage..train was burnt by BJP and RSS people.
    Train was fired from inside and not outside and this was proved by THE COMMISION ESTABLISHED to look into the godhra train carnage.


    No one is safe here.

    When needed HINDUS are also murdered by security agencies and conspiracies.

    KASAB and all his associates are HINDUS.

    Indian Government was never ready to allow PAKISTANI officials to interrogate KASAB .


    U.S attack AFGHANISTAN after hatching the biggest consipiracy of the MILLENIUM. Now look at the condition of U.S

    Destroyed by its own FANATICS and Terrorist people.

    GOD is great..Blood of Millions of people killed in this war is not going to be wasted.. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.

    What should i say about INDIAN.
    If you are powerful they will never say anything to you, if you even FUCK them
    But whenever they see Any one small and weak they use all there firepowers.

    PEOPLE with such an intent can never succeed. It is just a matter of time.

    They will definitely feel relaxed after INDIA is fully destroyed



    When i heard the news that MUMBAI has been attacked by Pakistani terrorist..I was shocked and tormented to see what Pakistani are doing.
    But as the time passed on, I was instantaneously attracted by few incidents.
    1:- According to INDIAN news channels and police statement, When the police forces were busy in fighting with the terrorists in the Hotel they(POLICE) found a satellite phone that fell from the 20th Floor of the hotel when the terrorist were lobbing hand grenades on the forces.Immediately i thought there is something wrong in this. How can a satellite phone work after falling from such a height and interestingly police continued saying that some talk is still going on and Some one is speaking in PUNJABI.(HOW IDIOTIC).hahaha C

    How can they fool everyone.

    2:- Second incident was attack on NARIMAN HOUSE by theses terrorists.

    3:- Third incident was the killing of all the three most prominent policemen of MUMBAI. Knowingly they were send into a trap. They were brutally killed in CAMA HOSPITAL ATTACK. Is it so hard to understand that it was a setup.

    The question is why they were sent in one car. That too at one location only.

    All the three were killed just becoz they were against HINDU terrorism,and they were very near to solving malegaon case.




  28. @SHILPA

    I am really amazed by SHIPLAS’S attitudes towards SARDARS.

    Everyone can now see her attitude towards SIKHS(MINORITY).

    Idiot…. SIKHS are always ready to give life for there Country.

    Half of the INDIAN Army is made up of sikhs…hahahaha

    History cannot be deleted.. Dont forget the attack of Indian army on golden temple.A temple was attacked with tanks and rocket launchers.

    These people are with no one..

    They only see there own interests

    And the common attitude of all the Indians are

    Whenever they see any thing going out of there hands they will start abusing you.Like they do with each other.

    I dont no from where they get these abuses..

    And then they say they are educated..hahaha

  29. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee. India
    Amber pet, Hyderabad, A.P. India 500013
    Contact No: 09391051586 Fax No: 040-27403392
    Web: http://www.civillibertiesindia.org Email: clmci@hotmail.com
    Dated: 17th May 2010
    Press Note
    On the Completion of Three Years of Makkah Masjid Blast and Subsequent Police Firing: Hindutva Terrorism is a Reality which has been exposed
    Babri Masjid to Makkah Masjid: Indian Government has failed to tackle with Hindutva Terrorism
    On the occasion of three years of Makka Masjid blast and subsequent police firing, civil liberties committee expresses its solidarity with the victims of the blast and police firing. We also strongly condemn the negligent behavior of the government, because until now the culprits of the blast and police firing are still free. On this occasion we want to remind one and all that the first Hindutva terrorist attack was done on Babri Masjid where the Masjid tombs were brought down by bomb blast and this continued till the bomb blast at Makkah Masjid on 18th may 2007. On this day three terror incidents took place in Hyderabad. One is Blast at Makkah Masjid in which five people were killed, second is the subsequent police firing in which nine people lost their lives and third one is blaming the Muslim community by the police through using the media. The aim of first one is to create fear complex, second one was to bring down the morale and third one to suppress the Muslim community morally and feel ashamed so that they cannot stand their head high in the society.
    Unfortunately, a group of Hindutva police officers succeeded in their aims and objectives. Muslims became so fearful and suppressed that they could not protest nor perform last rites of the blast victims and firing victims. Because of floating the name of Shahed Bilal by the then additional commissioner of police, Rajiv Trivedi, not only the common Muslims became speechless even the Muslim leadership were stunned. This was a great conspiracy against the Muslims by the Hindutva terrorists by using the Hindutva group among the police personnel. The main aim of this conspiracy was to target the Muslims on every level. The whole society is witness to everything that happened accordingly.
    Immediately after the blast and subsequent firing, Civil Liberties in its fact finding report clearly stated that it is the handiwork of Hindutva and, the anti-Muslim police officer is misguiding the investigation by registering two cases of a single offence, by stating that one bomb is exploded and the other unexploded. Hyderabad police handed over the exploded bomb case to the CBI and kept the unexploded bomb case with themselves. This clearly reflects the communal mindset of Hyderabad police. By taking the advantage of blast and in the name of investigation, police targeted hundreds and hundreds of innocent Muslims. Not only this, print and electronic Media especially Telugu media played a negative role by publishing and telecasting false stories by depicting Muslim youths as terrorists in Makkah Masjid blast case. Within five minutes of blast, electronic media propagated the name of Shahed Bilal by giving the reference of police officers saying Shahed Bilal triggered the bomb from Bangladesh through his cell phone. The print media published the stories that Shahed Bilal celebrated with sweets sitting in Bangladesh. A notorious inspector Ramchandran played an important role in this whole process.
    The Makkah Masjid blast is a unique case among all the blast cases in India because immediately after the blast, there was a subsequent police firing on the people who were helping the blast victims to shift in the hospitals. More number of people died in the firing than in the blast. Then police started harassing Muslim youths continuously by questioning them as to why were they present in Makkah Masjid on that day. Therefore, this is said to be unique case because of the above reasons. One important thing to be noted is that, the people died in the blast and firing were only Muslims and the harassment was also on the Muslims only. Thus, we can say that a Muslim has become the soft target of the Hindutva terrorists and the soft corner of Indian government towards Hindutva terrorism is a greatest threat to national security.
    Because of the biased investigation of the Hyderabad police, and the laziness of CBI, real culprits are still roaming freely, due to which number of blasts took place in different parts of India. On this occasion we want to remind that last year the central Home Minister, Mr.Chidambaram had visited Hyderabad and commented that the main accused of Makkah Masjid blast, Shahed Bilal has died and the Makkah Masjid blast case has turned cold. With this statement, one can understand the seriousness, carelessness and unawareness of central Home Minister in connection with Makkah Masjid blast case. Because of the presence of such type of people, innocent people are being targeted and the culprits are roaming freely.
    Subsequent Police firing which is the second act of terror, for the investigation of it the Andhra Pradesh government constituted the Bhaskar Rao commission. Even after the completion of three years, the commission has failed to submit its report. This shows the inefficiency of the commission and non-seriousness of state government on police firing. On this occasion we question the government, where is the Bhaskar Rao Commission and we demand to explain the existence of this commission and whereabouts of commission .
    The Muslim and political leaders have failed in fulfilling their responsibility in the incident of Makkah Masjid blast and subsequent police firing. Instead, they came under the pressure of the government and issued favorable statements, because of which Muslim community has faced tremendous loss and torture.
    On the completion of three years of Makkah Masjid blast and subsequent police firing, we demand the following:
    1. Now when the Hindutva terrorism has been exposed, we demand the government to apologize with the Muslim community for labeling, harassing, torturing and terrorizing them.
    2. Arrest real culprits of terror acts of the Makkah Masjid Blast and subsequent police firing by the police personnel on innocent people
    3. CBI should investigate Makkah Masjid blast case in right direction after the exposing of the Hindutva terror face. CBI should investigate about the nexus of Hindutva and anti-Muslim police officers.
    4. The activities of RSS and Sangh Parivar should be checked appropriately. Government and police personnel should change their attitude of soft corner towards the RSS and its outfits
    5. There are many Hindutva sleeper cells in the city, police should check and expose them immediately.
    6. Take stringent action against the police officers responsible for the illegal detention harassment, torture and arrest of innocent Muslim youth.
    7. Stop terrorizing people on the name of red alert, checking on the roads, and all unnecessary actions in the Muslim populated areas.
    8. Bhaskar Rao Commission should be brought into activation and to submit its report as soon as possible

    Lateef Mohd Khan, A.Srinivas Dr. Rafat Seema Kaneez Fathima
    Gen. Secretary, CLMC CLMC Gen.Secretary.NISA CLMC
    M.Mandakini S.Q.Masood Yahiya Khan

  30. This article is a laughable attempt by a inexperienced journalist to pull a smoke screen in front of the people of pakitan.

    Qasab has been convicted by a court after presentation of evidence in which it was proved that he was being handled by elements in pakistan.

    Getting arbit agencies to make even more arbit statements will not help Pakistanis .

    Now,we all know that the government of Pakistan is a puppet in the hands of the US in the day, and sleeps with the ISI/Taliban in the night.

    What pakistanis need to understand is that they are very close to be wiped off the face of this planet .Period.

    P.S please send your hate mail and arguments to khosla.dhruv@gmail.com


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