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High commissioner not summoned: Foreign Office


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesman Muhammad Sadiq denied reports of Indian media regarding summon of Pakistani high commissioner by Indian foreign ministry. He said that Pakistan high commissioner’s meeting was pre- decided with Indian Foreign Secretary.

Diplomatic channels between Pakistan and India are fully operational, he added in response to a question regarding diplomatic contacts between the two countries. For example, he said the Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi was received by the Special Secretary at the External Affairs Ministry at 6.30 p.m.(New Delhi time) while the Indian High Commissioner was received by the Foreign Secretary at 7.00 p.m. (Islamabad time) on Monday.

Similar meetings were held earlier in the week and will continue to be held to exchange views and information on the Mumbai incident, the Spokesman added.

During the meeting with Indian High Commissioner, the Spokesman said, the Foreign Secretary “condemned the barbaric attacks, condoled with the families of the victims and people of India, and reiterated the assurances of our cooperation.” The Foreign Secretary refuted the unsubstantiated allegations by the Indian media of Pakistan’s complicity in the Mumbai incident, the Spokesman added.



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