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Death toll rises to 40 in Karachi


KARACHI: Death toll in fresh wave of riots and firing incidents in various parts of the city lift up to 40. On some parts involvement of foreign hand in these gory incidents were feared, however, the local administration and law enforcement agencies were seemed ineffective in this episode to reinstall peace in the city.

According to details, on Monday five persons were shot dead in Raees Amrohe Colony, Orange Town while as many as a dozen houses and shops were set on fire after looting them in Raees Amrohe Colony, 1-D bus stop and Ali Ghar areas by unknown rioters. 30 injured of the fresh assaults on Monday were rushed to the Qatar hospital; three out of them were stated seriously injured and were referred to Abbasi Shahid Hospital.

Meanwhile, two dead bodies of young men riddled with bullets were found under the Garden X-ray Bridge, who was tortured to death. Unknown assailants opened indiscriminate fire on the tents, resulting in the killing of one person while another got serious injuries. One watchman Juma Gul was burnt to death as two bike riders set him on fire after tiding his hands and feet in Choragi No.6-C-51. The brutal wave of killing raised the death toll at 40, while the police officials in these three days remained limited to the police stations and offices.-SANA



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