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US press lauds Pak response to Mumbai attacks


WASHINGTON: Praising the Pakistani government’s constructive response to Mumbai terrorist attacks, a US newspaper on Saturday urged the incoming Barack Obama administration to continue encouraging Pakistan and India to cooperate towards peace and security in the region. In an editorial, the US newspaper appreciated the Pakistani leadership’s gesture to send a senior intelligence official to India as well as President Asif Ali Zardari’s assurance of cooperation in finding out culprits behind attacks.

It particularly noted President Zardari’s emphasis that the two countries “should not fall into the trap of the militants.” The editorial also recognized President Zardari’s reaching out to India. “Mr. Zardari promised a no first use policy on nuclear weapons and spoke of an eventual ‘nonnuclear treaty’, the newspaper said, arguing that “a rapprochement with India would permit the Pakistani government to devote more military resources to the fight against terrorists.”

“The United States, in what’s left of the Bush administration’s term and right from the start of the Obama administration’s, must continue nudging these two rivals toward cooperation. As the bloodbath in Mumbai so vividly illustrates, terrorism is not only America’s enemy, but Pakistan’s and India’s as well,” the newspaper said.

The newspaper also praised Pakistan’s recent counterterrorism efforts along its Afghan border and said Washington wants the Pakistani army’s cooperation in fighting terrorism. “In recent weeks, U.S. officers in Afghanistan reported better results, crediting the Pakistanis with taking the offensive against the Taliban on Pakistani territory.”-SANA



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