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Pakistani Comedians receive threats by Hindu Extremists

Geo TV has reported that Hindu extremists have threat Pakistani artists including Shakil Siddiqui and Kashif Khan. These two artists have been participating in Indian TV channels programes Comedy Circus and Kantay ki Takkar for last several months. They have won the hearts of millions of Indian regardless of Hindus or Muslims with their talents.

According to TV Channel Hindu extremists have demanded that all Pakistani artists should be stopped from participating in any Indian Programe. The repercussions of the Public opinion made by the Indian Media have started coming out.

In this regard when Shakil Siqqidui was contacted told Pakistan Times that he might come back to Pakistan tomorrow.

Similar things have been noticed for the Cricket players. In an Upcoming series Indian team has refused to come to Pakistan. Pakistani cricket players were present in the Taj Hotel when Mumbai terrorist attacks were conducted. Artists and players have been the ambassadors for the peace. These two artists have been entertaining millions of Indians and have been admired for their out-matched comedy. Despite the fact India claims to be secular; there are extremist forces who are playing their role in deteriorating the circumstances.

Indian Muslim artists including Javed Akhtar a legendary poet in Bollywood and his wife Shabana Aazmi; who has won several international awards for acting and Saif Ali Khan; a leading Actor in Bolly wood could not get house in Mumbai just because they were Muslims. And they have faced criticism in this regard. Similar cases can be quoted in order to reveal the Hindu elements who discriminate even Indian Muslims. Voices have been raises from Indian Civil Society; however India has a rich tradition of questioning, i am sure these things will also be questioned in order to bring the facts out.

Indian Government will play its due role in protecting Pakistani artists, and send them back safely to Pakistan till the circumstances are normalized. It is advisable to curb such elements who are bringing bad name to the secularly

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