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Friday, June 25, 2021

Indian media, analysts pour venoms against Pakistan

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KARACHI: Mumbai carnage drop scene has ended, but the Indian media and political analysts without any evidence hastily started the blame game against Pakistan as usual and poured venoms polluting the atmosphere that so laboriously had been built up after years of confidence building measures.

National Security Guards ‘s commander declared the operation completed after over 59 hours of militants’ rampant carnage all over the vintage points in Mumbai, which left nearly 200 dead and over 300 wounded.

However, the Indian media true to its traditional hate postures towards Pakistan lost no time in blaring all those scum, which pointed fingers towards Pakistan and holding it responsible for the tragic incident without any basis and evidences at all.

Indian anchors and analysts appearing on different channels across the country with one voice went on analyzing the incident purely based on the figment of their imaginations in a way that could by all means give the perception of Pakistan’s involvement in it.

Indian media tasked to propagate against Pakistan made out such fake stories that ISI and Pak Army had trained the militants, who were brought to Mumbai in a boat, while the body of one Amar Singh Tandal was also reportedly found in it, who belonged to Pakistan and had remained in Pakistan jail for one year. Sobhaday in Raj Deep Sir Desai show on CNN/IBN said that we know where their campus was.

Following Pakistan Foreign Minister’s press briefing, one anchorman of CNN India in his comments said that Pakistan was providing cover to the involved militants’ groups. One more Indian channel, India TV openly hurled blames on Pakistan for these attacks and dared to say without any proof that attackers had come from Pakistan.

Star News channel in their run race for propaganda against Pakistan tried to be more creative and discovered one Chacha Rahman as mastermind of the attacks and claimed that he was Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba commander from Karachi.

Zee TV also joining in the propaganda blamed that the militants were supplied arms and weapons from Karachi and in its effort to remain one-up straightaway blamed Pakistan Navy assisting elements involved in the attacks.

Indian leaders’ problems known to all that they are trying to hide their weaknesses and utter intelligence failures and find it safe putting blames on Pakistan, but the Indian media should have behaved responsibly in view of the delicate situation emanating after the attacks, which much to the saner elements’ disappointment, it miserably failed.-SANA

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  1. we are muslims we are pakistani we trust in God indian media blaming pakistan as many times as they. By the grace of God we are atomic powers we do not fair of any country india is like a fly we love pakistan and we also sacrifice our lives for pakistan Dil dil Pakistan Jan jan pakistan pakistan zinda bad pakistan painda bad


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