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Are India Pakistan on the edge of WAR?

This article is result of a long thread started on facebook when i was “Why Pakistani TV Channels are propagating we are on the edge of war?

Interestingly both Indian and Pakistanis commented and i concluded everyone want peace. But There were varied point of views came on the screen by both sides. I’ll base y article on the basis of those conversations.

Indian Channels are spreading a war hysteria not only in the India but CNN and BBC SKY news are following the same tune. Without any proves Indian media started disseminating just after five hours that Pakistan and ISI is involved in this Mumbai mayhem. For people of Pakistan it was strange thing that without any preliminary investigations how can media is so sure that Pakistan or its any of the organization is behind planing Mumbai terrorist attacks. According to one group of intelligentsia in Pakistan; Mumbai Terrorist attacks have been conducted in order to make ISI impotent. Because there have been evidences revealing that there are Anti-US and Pro-US groups present within ISI. In last few months the role of ISI has been seriously criticized; there were demands to ban the political wing of ISI, America has accused ISI for promoting and helping Talibans in Pakistan.

Pakistani Government reaction was little lenient; even Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani has consented to send ISI Chief to India for investigation. People in Pakistan reacted negatively for sending ISI Chief to India. They were of the point of view that information should be shared on state to state basis but not on Chief of any organization should be sent to answer something that presumably was said that done by the same organization.

Indian Media was bringing out the facts and denying within next half an hour; even the accused terrorist captured labeled as Pakistani was later proven Indian citizen. Thanks GOD Indian Government has denied the reumours spread by the Indian Media that there has been any forces mobilization ordered by government.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani contacted all leaders of the political parties and civil society, who assured him of their full support. Whenever anything happens either in India or Pakistan; both countries pointing fingers towards each other and their securities agencies are brought on the hit list. It is Marriot or Taj ; both sides start a blame game and mainly the media plays scams in this regard and manipulate the facts. India put its Airforce on high alert and hen the Service Chief was called on by the head of state to discuss the situation that gave an impression that India is going to impose war on Pakistan. Pakistan Army said Sunday it found no solid evidence of unusual military movement by India at international border. DG Inter Services Public Relations Maj. Gen Athar Abbas while talking to newsmen said that Pakistan Army is ready for national defense and to tackle any untoward situation at western border. Abbas said that Army is closely monitoring the Indian military movements at international border and no unusual activity was witnessed so far. He advised nation not to worry over India’s reported ambitions. Pakistani media established counter opinion that we Pakistanis should be ready for war, though there are elements who do not want war but peace; and they promoted they hope for the best but be ready for worst and unity was demanded with the various fractions of the society.

Replying to my comment one American Suzanne Bowen said that media insinuate facts to generate ads; this is media that spread misconceptions among governments and on mass level develops opinion either in favour or against. So did the media did in Pakistan.

One of the group in Pakistan has been asking had Pakistani government or ISI been involved in masterminding Mumbai terrorists attacks and killing innocent people.. Can they be so silly to have their ID cards in their pockets and keeping their boats stand there (Indian reports have been saying that the terrorists came from Karachi through boats) ..

According to them Pakistan is being targeted for sure.. they question who can be the beneficiary of this whole situation? Is it Pakistan that is already engaged and fighting on its western borders with militants on pretext of war on terror and US drones are attacking and throwing missiles violating Pakistani territory.. Who does not want peace in Sub-Continent? who is looking for entering into Pakistani soils?

They question about the manner the whole Mumbai Terrorist attacks were engineered and terrorists were doing reminded the Indian underworld movies .. same drama, same style and same operations.. The way they ere engaged in it; gave an impression that those people have support from inside; and defence analyst comment that such operations can not be conducted without the inner support.. They ask that India have not provided any audio visual evidences that can prove that Pakistan was involved. Aaj kamran Khan k Saath show has revealed that Indian Army was busy in the exercise while these boats escaped so easily and terrorists found their way who were not acquainted with India.

A group of people question the Congress the ruling party is losing its strength n the country and Indian elections are going to be held in.. Where BJP can get benefit out of this situation too.. they comment not to be only judgmental and speculative .. They emphasis that there is need to be rational and propagate that we are neighbours and want to live peacefully..

Pakistan is giving SO SO So positive signals to India that offered cooperation in probing the whole matter? Religious extremists like Nerander Moodi and other (fundamentalists) are harming ultimately Indian politics to just get their vested interests served and killing innocent Muslims and Christians.

Kavita Chhibber wrote in one of her emails “It is really sad. I want Pakistan to thrive and be a successful economy so the people of Pakistan thrive. At the end whether its Bombay or the Marriot burning in Pakistan, its the innocent civilians who get hurt.” She told me that she was going to comment on the media hype in her upcoming issue of online magazine, a lot of it misrepresentation and hearsay.

President AJK Raja Zulqurnain on Sunday said that the master minds of Marriott Hotel blast and Mumbai attacks wanted to rollback on going dialogue process between Pakistan and India on Kashmir issue. Everyone has condemned and condoled to the bereaved ones on the precious loss of human lives in the attacks on Mumbai. Prime Minster AJK Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan Strongly rejected Indian media’s allegations regarding placement of the terrorist camp in AJK and termed it as baseless saying more than 42 foreign NGOs are working in the area but they never even gave a hint about it. He also urged Pakistani leadership to be united to face the time of calamity and on his part, AJK PM assured the leadership and the nation that Kashmir would ready to sacrifice their lives for the country.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • “as Pakistani was later proven Indian citizen. Thanks GOD Indian Government has denied the reumours spread by the Indian Media that there has been any forces mobilization ordered by government.

    The arrested Terrorist has accepted that he is from Faridkot , Pakistan and got the training in Pakistan. He is not way Indian.

  • Why dont they present the terrorist in front of the media? Everything he says that apparenly points to Pakistan the Indians accept without questioning and anything he says that indicate INDIAN involvement ‘can not be commented on as yet until further investigations’ according to the Times of India. The indians have just given the Pakistani Ambassador a list of people.. NONE of the so-called evidence has been shown to the Pakistanis. Im so glad that the FBA and Scotland Yard are joining the Indians.. hopefully this war rheotic the Indian media’s fostering will be able to die down once some proper evidence is attained.

    Also until the Mumbai blasts, I has always been under the impression that in an investigation you gather all your evidence, examine it, and then come to a conclusion. In the case of the Mumbai blasts its been BLAME Pakistan (first conclude) and THEN find/concoct evidence, and present the evidence to the media as its attained.. hmmm.. very reminiscent of the Parliament attack, samjhauta express etc.. we all know how shady those investigations turned out

  • Indian media tried to manipulate the facts; every other Indian has realised the fact.. i agree with you Zara to reach to conclusion it is important to first investigate and the blame

  • Indian media has lost its credibility as a result of so much conflicting news and lies that they crafted and negated after every one or two hours. They have no idea that how much harm they have caused to their nation.

    See the morale of citizens of Mumbai. They are in the state of shock and will remain in it for quite sometime. We Pakistanis have sympathy with the people of India in general and citizens of Mumbai in particular.

    Indian media has followed the lines of its government who appeared to be pretty inept in dealing with this crisis. Simply accusing Pakistan will not work any more. Thanks to the rabid response of the Indian media, the whole drama is exposed now.

    If you see the faces of the attackers, you would notice that they are not Pakistanis. They are typical Indian faces. There is a possibility that all of them were Muslims, with a mastermind behind them. The mastermind is possibly an officer from Research and Analysis Wing of India (The counterpart organization of Pakistani ISI).

    They were given the task to launch this attack with the guarantee that they would be safely escorted at the end of drama. But the game was set to kill them. During the heat of the battle they realized that they are being abandoned and made scapegoat these well trained fighters fight to the last breath and bullet available to them.

    India claims that one of them is apprehended and has confessed that he is a Pakistani. If so, they should bring him to the media or at least allow Pakistani officials to meet him. But that is what Indian government is not going to do. Why? The answer is simple. They would allow Pakistan the access to the attacker because he is not a Pakistani. This drama was planned in Afghanistan during the meeting of RAW, CIA and Mossad. The purpose is to defame Pakistan as a country that is safe heavens of the terrorist.

    The ultimate objective is to put pressure on Pakistan to capitulate its nuclear weapons to United States of America on the pretext of its safe custody from terrorists.

    This is the background of the first episode of this larger plan. If (our so called friend) US, India and (silent enemy) Israel think that this is possible, they are living in fools’ paradise.

    People of Pakistan are very well aware of this US, India and Israel nexus. This incident has actually united us all. We thank our enemies for this inept dramatization.

    Pakistan Zindabad, Payindabad