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Monday, August 2, 2021

The Mumbai Fiasco

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We are in a state of war, covert operations in FATA and Balochistan on part of Raw, and this is not a conspiracy theory, evidence suggests that this is happening unfortunately, suggest that. 14 embassies just along our western borders suggest that as well. No other country has that many embassies in any country. Fortresses are what these are. We are being cornered. Yes we have our plate full that needs attending. We have issues we have to address, but those propagating today and playing innocent need to have a reality check too. I am all for diplomacy, I am all for a non military approach but I can assure you they are not, as much as they would say they are. Why is it that when we analyze we are reminded of the afghan war, did problems start there? No they did not. Date them back to when the whole thing began, Let us go revisit 1947. Lets remember Redcliff, let us talk about Junagarh, Allahabad and then Kashmir.

If things are all that great across the border why are there 17 separatist movements in all corners, North West, North East, the entire South. Home grown and yet when they can’t deliver to their own people. Playing the Pakistan card and the export of terrorism seems to be the only hiding place. I am not taking anything away from our leaders either, but its time facts are set straight and people stand corrected.

Stop flooding us for a change when you have excess of water, and stop pushing us towards a drought when you need that very water. Oh is that not why the mere mention of Redcliff makes their establishment run a million miles away. Were there any acts of terrorism then? Had anyone heard of them, or was aware with the term even? Oh that’s the excuse behind raping Kashmiri mothers and sisters.

Junagarh, Our biggest military Arsenal, why was a straight line drawn, Mr Redcliff again, the state had voted to be with Pakistan, I wonder was it to terrorize us that we can be taken over when pleased. The escalation on part of Indian army a few months later proved what intentions were behind that.

Allahabad, Oh lets crush them economically. So that is where the root cause lies. How many more, I can go on forever. But to some only the past twenty years matter. No one just stands up one day and says lets do something that radical. These people are human beings too, what makes them so radicalized? We treat animals with more compassion, sedate and rehabilitate, and just over rule these individuals as some alien species, they are human beings.

Issues need attending to across the border just as much as on this side. Those of you who may feel offended, please don’t as what I hear offends me too but facts are facts and the distortion on part of information feeders wont change a thing. Anyone who wishes to go head on, can do nothing, will gain nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The Americans need to be taken into consideration here too. When in war it’s Pakistan, so that’s the Bush administration, when pushing the economy forward its India, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Barak Obama. This could well be a special show for him. There was one Clinton too if you recall.

And I wonder if it took the terrorists 4 months to mark every place as the Intelligence Chief said, better than the forces there, even the layouts of the hotel, why were they on boats that were found yesterday. Contradiction, or lack of intelligence there somewhere, in those statements. Or are things being made up, as time goes along based on public reaction.

7 UK based boys, two passports found on the two arrested. What covert operation would overlook that, and who needs those documents on a boat. Or perhaps they arrived by air and those who leapt are covering their negligence playing the Pakistan card. Why Blame Pakistan, blame the British then.

The Gag Real continues and unfolds further in more amusing ways than we can digest. Lets wake up.

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  1. A very accurate assessment of the situation and on that I am very happy to hear that others are thinking of as well. However there is another aspect to this as well, what about the Indian population them selves? Do they not want answers?
    We have to give them credit and believe that they are intelligent enough not to buy any fairytale they get fed by their government. One you loose someone in a tragedy like that, surely your priority is not to encourage political feuds by pledging your faith to them. Surely you entire being would demand justice at that point, an honest answer as to who the responsibility lies with. The populations are surely not that thick that they will buy a story which has so obviously been constructed to hide the failures of their own system. Nor can the frantic movements to give their story credibility, go unnoticed. While so many people’s lives were still hanging on a thread the Indian officials political muscles started flexing, and without knowing anything about these men, including cause or purpose, the started identifying them as Pakistanis. As they have manifested their claims again and again, corresponding evidence have magically appeared. Like the boats that supposedly brought them over, they dumped them and then thought it would be clever to hang around for the show down. Come on a group that is so “intelligent” and “well organized” would not make a stupid mistake like that!
    The obvious contradictions of the Indian government will go unnoticed because it will be in the best interest of them and much of the western world to believe this story rather then having to look at any internal unrest in a non-Muslim “democratic” state, which according to western idea is the Idealistic state. It’s just sad that once again the people that actually suffer and loose a part of their lives will have to settle for a fairytale, and will be in avertedly conditioned by their politicians to carry on a grudge that I was hoping we were finally going to work on eradicating after 60 years.

  2. Thank you Bushra! Well most of them are questioning their government and seeking answers but the power of the information feeders can alter many perceptions. The contradictions as far as the change of apth is concerned on part if indian government is not going unnoticed. The socialist / communist groups are really perturbed by the imperialistic / capitalist switch, and do not believe that they should cling on to that failed system, as the gains are very short term.

    Lets see where this leads as the information unfolds and the evidence reveals itself.

  3. Its so apparent how the indian guv plus its knee-jerk media is too darn pathetic to access and report the factual truth re the whole mumbai cover-up. It doesn’t take much for the anesthesized indian propaganda machine to propagate a ” lady doth protest too much ” blame game when it comes to Pakistan for every indian terror attack.
    What are the real facts behind the mumbai and hundreds of such attacks throughout india since the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi?
    The Mahatma’s murder was committed by an extremist Hindu.
    Indira Gandhi’s murder was also executed by a non Muslim- a Sikh.
    BJP and an indian army colonel were being heavily investigated by the indian Anti-Terror Squad Chief Hemant just before his murder in the mumbai operation. He was about to arrest some major players within the extreme wing of the BJP and other extremist Hindu groups. How well timed his murder was executed before he could take any action against these zealots.
    From this period in india’s history till mumbai 2008, Hindus NOT Muslims have been covertly creating and executing brazen terror acts shamelessly blaming Pakistan at every chance. This being done without so much as a single indian media outlet questioning the shiv sena, rss, or many of the other 400 strong Hindu extremist pro-violent groups murdering and creating trails of terror all over South Asia- even within Pakistan as well.
    When will the Pakistani govt. and media start sending a strong message to India that they need to reign in their own Hindu zealots and stop sticking their heads in the sand by blaming Pakistan for every indian homegrown tragedy?

    Indians need to wake up and accept the reality within their own shores, and playing the blame game will never achieve anything- only add to their own suffering. If Indians want a true democracy, they need to take back their govt. by questioning and challenging it, instead of acting like zombies within an Orwellian state


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