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“Kiyun”, a Ghazal collection launched

ISLAMABAD: Urdu poet Shahzad Sharjeel’s “Kiyun” a Ghazal collection was launched here on Saturday. Addressing the book launching ceremony at Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) here, eminent poet Amjad Islam Amjad said that His diction and style may draw from the rich tradition of the masters of Ghazal, but his selection and treatment of subjects breaks new ground and resonates with contemporary themes.

He said that each new literary effort leaves him even more convinced that Urdu literature in general and poetry in particular was not only maintaining its position but actually gaining stature and following. He said that poetry to him is a balance between one’s innate ability to feel, observe and create verse, and the technical craft that can be learnt, honed and polished. “A good verse has to strike a perfect balance between beauty of thought and a technically sound craftsmanship in its expression,” he added.

He urged all new writers to continue to work hard on the craftsmanship of writing. Shabnam Shakil, a renowned poetess while commenting on ‘Kiyun’ termed Sharjeel’s verse as “immensely mature both in thought and style of expression”, especially for someone whose very first collection of poetry has come out.

She also appreciated the author’s command over the Urdu language, especially the strong Persian and Arabic flavor in it. Meanwhile, the author, Sharjeel, regaled the audience with lighthearted tales of the hardships faced by first-time authors in getting their works published.

He hoped that poetry fans across the border and second generation of Pakistani Diaspora allover the world who can understand but cannot read Urdu will find the website a useful platform for remaining in touch with their roots back home. The event was attended by poetry lovers of the twin-cities.-SANA

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