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India used to point Pakistan after any mishap: Farooq

KARACHI: Defence Export Organization DG Major General Mohammed Farooq on Thursday said that India is habitual of accusing Pakistan after any terrorist incident. Talking to media men on the fourth day of IDEAS-2008 Exhibition at Expo Centre here, he said Pakistan had always been condemning all the shapes of terrorism.

He said that Pakistan has always showed guarded and responsible attitude as compared to India, adding the huge participation in the exhibition is the abundant proof of Pakistan being a peaceful country; however, the security has further been beefed up following the Mumbai shootings and bombings.

It the success on the part of the organizers that thousands of delegates attended the exhibition despite strict warnings by US and European countries, he added. He said that 30 percent of stalls in IDEAS-2010 have already been booked. He said that Pakistan stands at a significant position in relation with weapon manufacturing industry. The foreign and defence policies are harmonious to each other, he stated.-SANA

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  • Pakistan a peaceful country? Ha ha ha ha ha ha…
    Are you kidding Mr.Farooq? Are you still in dreams? Wake up man? Don’t ask this question to your self or your country men. Ask this from the outside world. Come out of the pakistani egg man. The world knows thak pakis are born terrorists. They do not believeing in building future but rather destroying it. Tell me where does pakistan stand in world ranking in every aspect i.e. economy, development, power etc.? Your country is a failed state. Its a basket case and should be removed from this globe to achieve peace.

  • Just answer one question…. is this a war of regions ….or its a war between religions?????
    If regions….y muslims and only muslims are being targeted?
    every aspact proves that it is a war between reliogions….
    And when it comes to religion…. Pakistanis and Muslims never compromise….
    You are talking abt economy, development, power?
    Dont talk like a media infuenced person. Talk real Sir!
    Economy: It is the 25th largest economy in the world.The economy has suffered in the past from decades of internal political disputes, a fast growing population, mixed levels of foreign investment, and a costly, ongoing confrontation India.
    Development: Gawadar port alone can slaughter this region’s economy. That is why every country in the regions wants Gawadar Port to remain un operational. Just look at your prostitution ratio, your poverty ratio. Talk sense Sir! Plz read something!
    How do u ppl treat dalits? you know ur country very well!
    Pakistan is free of such things. We dont burn trains.
    Power: We are a responsible nuclear state.
    Dont ever think of eliminating Pakistan. Because Pakistan runs in our blood. First, the world you are talking abt, treats muslims like animals in Guantanamo Bay and in iraq, afghanistan and palistine. And when the reaction comes, you call muslims as terrorists. wao! what a judgement criteria! Study Islam. We, dont fight. But when some body wants to eliminate us because we are muslims. We never forgive or forget him. Islam is a religion of peace. But for peace lovers!
    Next time…. plz study before posting something!

  • So India is peaceful country ? hahahaha (just for you)

    there are more than 100 seperation movements in india brother. just look into Gujrat issues and come again you extremist. we don’t consider terrorists in pakistan as PAKISTANI but INDIANS in INDIA are big terror for minorities in India when someone stands against it your govt kill them (KURKURAY)

    once again HA HA HA HA