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Boycott, strikes no solution to Kashmir: Prof Soz

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SRINAGAR: “Congress will form the next government on its own and will try to become a powerful instrument of service to the people,” said the union minister for water resources and state Congress president Prof Saif-ud-Din Soz and former chief minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. Soz said the “politics of strikes and boycott won’t take Kashmiris anywhere.” “Kashmir issued can only be resolved through talks and those doing the politics of strikes and boycott should understand that it would take us nowhere,” Soz added.

He said the resolution of Kashmir through dialogue process was the Congress party’s main agenda and talks in this regard were on between India and Pakistan. “Gun and strikes have only brought destruction and people coming out large numbers for casting their votes have showed that they don’t believe in politics of gun and boycott,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Azad said that many developmental works started by the Congress were left incomplete as PDP “betrayed” by withdrawing the support from the government.

“The government had received huge funds from the Centre for eradicating unemployment, but it didn’t matured, as PDP withdrew support and toppled the government,” Azad said. He said the incomplete work would be completed if Congress is voted to power. “The development seen during the Congress regime was never seen in past 60 years,” he added while referring to the carving out new districts.-SAnA

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