Nawaz for Zardari, Gilani following 1973 constitution

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif has urged that President and Prime Minister should run the government under the constitution of 1973 instead of running it in accordance with system given by the former president.

Talking to media men after meeting with the foreign envoys on Monday, Nawaz Sharif said that discussions were held on all matters relating to issues presently faced by the country. He said that till today, he couldn’t know that when he was elected leader, then why was he exiled?

He said that a mockery of law and constitution was being made during the last 60 years, the constitution even today stood defaced and we want that the county’s system should set at right. “The mandate given by the people in February 18 elections are not being pursued” he added.

Responding to a question, he disclosed that Asif Ali Zardari told him that he was being misled, it could be possible, but among those misleading him Punjab Governor was also included. The PML-N Quaid said that the country was besieged by grave problems and, therefore, we have taken the course of calm and patience.-SANA

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