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Ex-Servicemen for moving up drone issue in UNSC

RAWALPINDI: The Ex-servicemen Society demanded of the government to take up the matter of continuous violations of territorial integrity by the US drones at the UN Security Council (UNSC). Addressing a press conference here on Monday, ex-servicemen said cross-border violations increased during the present government.

The government is adopting a two-pronged strategy by protesting against the attacks on one hand while on the other hand, it is allowing its border territories be violated, creating furor at home, they commented.

On the occasion, Former ISI Chief General (Retd.) Asad Durrani said that the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Kayani should resign if the government’s polices did not let him fulfill his constitutional responsibilities. He said that his organization had written a letter containing seven political options to Speaker National Assembly Dr. Fehmida Mirza that to take the country out of the crisis.

Durrani demanded of the government to call back its ambassador from US and to banish its ambassador form the country and to cut NATO supply line, as 90 percent of its logistic support is going through Pakistan, to halt the operation.

The government should claim compensation of Pakistanis who were killed by US-led forces attacks by filing a case against in Internal Court of Justice, he added. He said that if the government would not give positive response then the options would be made public.

He said that the government should bring the secret agreement regarding permission of US-led forces attacks before the parliament if there is any; however, the government should reinstate pre-Nov 3rd judiciary in order to take country out of the economic crisis and law and order situation as it is indispensable for the country.

He flayed the government for not fulfilling the people’s expectations as it was given the mandate to devise the polices in accordance with the nation’s aspiration but the government laid down before US instead of raising the voice against the attack it faced 29 critical attacks with silence. He said that the government has made up expectations form US president-elect Barack Obama regarding halting of the operation in vein.

Meanwhile, former ISI Chief General (Retd.) Hameed Gul, General (Retd.) Saleem Haider, former governor Gul Orangzaib, Brig (Retd.) Khalid Usman, Brig (Retd.) Khadam Hussian, Brig (Retd.) Salam Akhtar and MaJ (Retd.) Islam-ul-Haq also attended the meeting.-SANA

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