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Shahbaz Bhatti for minorities’ welfare


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti has said that the present government has taken a number of initiatives for the welfare and protection of rights of minorities under the dynamic leadership of President of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. He was talking to a three member delegation led by Member of Federal Parliament of Germany Johannes Pflug, who called on him in his office on Saturday.

The Federal Minister informed the visiting delegation that PPP government is committed to the uplift and empowerment of religious minorities and want to bring them into the main stream of the country. Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti said that the government attaches its high priority to promote inter-faith harmony and dialogue among the different religions.

The Minister informed the delegation that the present government is taking all necessary measures to create a culture of tolerance, human equality and establishment of an egalitarian society in the country.

He said that the address of President of Asif Ali Zardari at inter- religion conference at the UN General Assembly in New York highly speaks of Pakistan’s commitment to strengthen the efforts of the international community for the promotion of inter-faith harmony.

Shahbaz Bhatti said that the government is taking revolutionary and concrete steps to address the issues and problems being faced by the minorities. He also informed the delegation that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has recently announced 5% quota in all government jobs and representation of minorities in the Senate of Pakistan.

He informed the delegates that the government is celebrating religious festivals of minorities at the national level. He further informed that the government is introducing legislative reforms to protect basic rights of women.

Members of the visiting German Parliament, Mr. Johannes Pflug appreciated the initiatives taken by the government for the protection of rights of minorities and women. He also said that Germany will extend its cooperation in the education sector. Ambassador of Germany to Pakistan Dr. Michael Koch and First Secretary/Head of Cultural Section of German Embassy Ms. Katharina Lack and other senior officials of Ministry of Minorities Affairs were also present during the meeting.-SANA


  1. Shahbaz bhatti is a fraud, he converts Muslims to christians according to his own letters and announcements to foreign publications. He has been financially supported by American Missionaries since late 90’s.

  2. Dear Editor,
    Please note my sincere remarks.
    Shahbaz bhatti is a fraud, he is deceiving donor agencies and making lots of money. He sometime become Evangalist and some time Reverent. If somone wants proof go to website Harvest Ministry International and see Glenn’s report. In which he says that he is running 300 Churches in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A big lie and now after getting lots of money he should bear now the reality of his own. Fraud is his full time job. I closely had watched him and very well know him.

    He claims that he has made converted 69 Muslims to Christians in Pakistan. Shahbaz Bhatti gave bribed Mr 10% to become a Minority Minister.

    Shahbaz Bhatti is International Fraud, Therefore from muddy house he is enjoying cool girls and luxury life in Lahore/Islamabad.

    He is not a true leader, he is eating bread of poor Christians of Pakistan.

    I suggest Shahbaz should morally give people’s fund to the people now.

    If further you need any information. I am ready to provide you always.

    Joseph John
    Liberal Services International

  3. What editor can say Joseph!
    whole team of Zardari is corrupt and fraud.. in recent times whole world is making fun of Pakistan for imposing Governor Raj despite the fact an elected government is existing..

  4. Mr John Joseph i would really like you to prove all the claims you have put against Mr Bhatti.. could you name even one Christian leader you have taken such strong steps as he has taken??? even one Pakistani Christian leader.. if you do not posses the power to discern the good from the bad then kindly do not go about making accusations about things you do not know.. as far as the ministry is concerned it was always Benazir’s dire wish to give him a seat in her govt.. he never wanted to be a Minister.. i was one of the people who forced him to take it up so that he could work for the people he has sacrificed everything for.. and as for all the funds you are talking about that he gets so much fund and doesn’t give to the deserving let me make it very clear that he does not own a single house or have any property on his own name. he has just one car.. and there are times when he goes without money in his pocket for days..
    you are one of the people who never are faithful to either their religion or their leaders!!!
    what if zardari is a fraud??? why cant we stand up for one man who has one purpose and that is to give us the minorities our equal rights!!!

  5. and same goes for sajad hashmi dont go about talking nonsense!!! go and try to bring some positive revolution.. which people like you can never do…


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