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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Obama’s Victory; Real Change

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The Friends of Pakistan (FOP) issued a press release to congratulate president-elect Barack Hussain Obama for his historical victory in presidential race. In a statement released today at Friends of Pakistan’s headquarters here at Cerritos, California said, Barack Obama’s victory is a beginning to a ‘Real Change’ in the United States of America and it will be beneficial to all of Americans.

The Friends of Pakistan hopes that President-elect Obama will choose and follow the policy of dialogue and diplomacy over war and confrontation in Iraq, Afghanistan and other part of the world and we further hopes that bilateral relations between US and Pakistan will strengthen during Mr. Obama’s presidency

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  1. Obama’s selection as president of US is great step of America for adopting a multilateral view for Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, rather than unilateral views like the Bush government adopted.Also it is the answer to the racial discrimination that started in America a long time ago and recently statements thrown by Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, and now it seems that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is going to come true.According to the great historian and Biographer, Obama was selected not because solely for his skin color, but because his hard work in campaigning and understanding the grass roots.This election has a record for highest number of people voting.

    Although this steps that seems an advancement towards a new America would bring a new relations with India.Obama considered India as a Non-Ally to US,a more Strict plan on CTBT,a strict movement towards outsourcing causing a great loss to IT industry and lots of more.


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