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No justification for wild Cabinet expansion

Islamabad: Pakistan Economy Watch has said spreading out Cabinet is unjustified in the current hard times. Government may need another IMF’s loan to cater for the needs of expanded Cabinet. In the prevailing economic crisis, there is no justification for such an unwarranted expansion to overburden the public exchequer, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch.

There were some important ministries lying vacant and situation demanded immediate action but government has not reacted to it in a very positive manner. He said that no one including time-tested friends seems ready to extend help to Pakistan due to repayment doubts as we have a long history of economic mismanagement.

Now the expansion in the Cabinet may send wrong signals and start another round of confrontation between government and its allies who are seeking lucrative offices.

The present expansion seems little to do with good governance. It appears a move to reward loyalists, attracting support and bridging divisions within the ruling party which is, for the very first time, facing internal threats. “Present move may not contribute well to improving the image of the country,” said Dr. Mughal adding that it will not help Pakistan improve sliding confidence of investors or donors. There is an urgent need to change national political agenda and prove that democracy is better the military regimes.-Pak Economy Watch

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