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A night in Lock Up

Remembering Golden Days of life is a great experience. The golden are those days in a person’s life when he or she had spent their best times of life with friends, colleagues or family. I consider my golden days when I was studying my chemistry honors in my college. Our college was a pretty famous college in south Kolkata. It has both good names and bad names regarding studies and politics respectively. In our times the politics was at its peak leading with SFI (Student Federation of India), a communist backed student organization. I entered the college in the year 2000 as a fresher and got involved in politics. Regular violence was a daily story in our college regarding various issues.

I remembered the day when a fierce riot broke out in our college related to the issue regarding beating and insulting one of our fellow comrade, Comrade Asif Ali Peerzaada. He was beaten by the opponents so severely that as a General Secretary of the Union I was not able to sit back. I along with my fellow comrades started a riot in or college and we started to blow down the windows and set fire at corridor. Police approached and they arrested me along with eight other members. The police van took us to the police station and we reached there by 8:00 PM. I don’t know the reason but the police separated me and my friends. They kept me in a separate cell along with an inmate. The police were laughing at me after putting me in the cell and their caricature was really bothering me.

The cell was hardly 10 feet by 7 feet dark room with full of mosquitoes and bad odors. In that cell along with me there was another inmate who was sitting in one corner of the room and was continuously staring at me. His eyes were really bothering me, so to make myself comfortable I sat on the other corner of the cell. I continually kept a watch on that mysterious person; he was still staring at me with red eyes. The man was in his early forties wearing a dirty shirt and torned pajamas. His hair has turned almost white and he had not shaven for long time. He was smoking a biri and was staring at me. I was very much afraid of him and I was cursing myself from the bottom of my heart that why I had joined the politics. Time was flying by when suddenly that mysterious person came to me and sat beside me. Trust me my heart almost stopped beating. He suddenly started to laugh at me. Then he asked me in Bengali that what I have done…is it a murder or a rape? I felt really ashamed that now everyone is thinking that I am a hard core criminal. I told him angrily that I have got arrested on a minor issue regarding college and will be released by tomorrow morning. He offered me a Biri and I also took it since I was very tired and need some puffs.

Puffing the Biri, I asked that person his name. He told me his name as Rabi Das and he is from Barasat, a distant place from Kolkata. He also told me that he is a regular visitor in Lock Up since he is a professional criminal. He is having hundreds of theft charges, pick pocketing and extortions. But this time he is in Lock Up for a murder charge. His trial will be tomorrow. To make a point clear to readers, this is India and anything is possible a political minor can also be kept with murderers. I asked him whether he had really murdered. He shouted with joy and replied “Yes… I have murdered a devil.” Then he started crying. I soothed him and then he started his very extraordinary and sad story.

I referred the person as Rabi Da (Da means brother in Bengali). Rabi Da don’t know when and where he born. But when he opened his eyes he was in a dustbin. He was an orphan. A well to do scavenger found him and surrendered him to e station. The police done their duties by sending the baby to an abusive orphanage. Rabi Da recalled his childhood how he was beaten severely with belts and sticks how he was given electric shocks for not doing works how his soft skin was tortured with cigarette burns and how they kept him hungry day after days. His small little hands were used for cleaning the floors. He had never known what is mothers love what is a family what are festivals and what is love.

When Rabi Da was 11 years old he along with one of his inmates ran away from this abusive world and yeas they were really successful to ran. After running away from the orphanage they make up their minds that they will work hard and earn and live peacefully. They started to work in a tea stall. Time was flying peacefully when suddenly god smiled on their happiness. Rabi Da’s friend suddenly died at the age of 12 due to cholera. Rabi Da broke up and left alone. He asked his master to pay some rupees so that he can at least cremate the body of his friend. But the shop owner refused to pay the amount and instead he instructed to throw the body in “Shamsan Ghat”. Rabi Da was crying and was thinking what to do next. Then, he quickly stealed some money, but was caught and fired from job and his friend’s body was thrown in dustbin.

After this incidence Rabi Da left that place and he moved to a distant place. To earn he started Pick pocketing at the age of 14. Then on mastering on this art he started extortion and robbery. Rabi Da told me that he is having severe hatrism for those rude persons who has no heart and treat little Childrens as dogs. He started extorting riches and started earning. By the age of 20 he was a hard core criminal. He told me that by the age of 25 he has visited jail at least five times. He started taking alcohol and marijuana to sooth his pains.

A time came when Rabi Da also started to dream a normal life. A woman came to his life, and he dream to marry her and be settled. But here also god played his game. The woman was actually playing with him and she looted everything from him and ran away leaving him alone in distress. From this stage a hatrism developed in him for women and Rabi Da started visiting brothels and believed that it is the only place a woman can deserve, although I don’t agree with his view but I kept listening him.

I was listening to him minutely when suddenly a police shouted and my concentration broke. I looked at the watch; it was 3:30 AM. He offered me another biri ad we started puffing and he continued his story.

I asked Rabi Da whether he believes in God or not. He laughed and told me “Yes it is there. But you know he is my biggest enemy, if I have a chance to meet him or her I will take my revenge.” I was thinking whether he was correct or not. What has god given to him? No parents No Family No love! No one has ever cared about him, but in spite of being so untouched he had a big heart.

One day he pick pocketed a person. After stealing he ran to a safe distance and opened the purse. He found five five hundred rupees note, a card mentioning his name and address and a letter addressed to his sister. The letter was actually a suicidal note. In the letter that person had mentioned that he is going to suicide since he has no desire to live. He is leaving this money for his sister. That person has asked his sister to get a new sari on her birthday with this money. After reading this letter Rabi Da hurried his way to the spot where he had pick pocketed but it’s of no use. The person was not there. He tried to find him but failed. He was left with no other choice other than to go that place. So he moved to that person’s house by looking at the address in the card. But when he reached that place it was so late. The person had already committed suicide and his sister was crying holding her brother bitterly. There were police, relatives and friends. Rabi Da know, that if he returned the Purse he can be arrested, but this great man without any fear returned the purse and proudly went to jail. In this way Rabi Da entered left and reentered the jail. Everyone knows him including police, lawyers and judges. After saying this Rabi Da paused for a moment.

I asked Rabi Da whom he murdered. He stared at me and told me that he had murdered a father of a baby girl. I got red after hearing this and shouted upon him “why you have done so?” He smiled at me and replied that day he was drunken and was walking through road in mid night when suddenly he noticed a person throwing something wrapped in blanket in dust bin. He chased that person and found that he was throwing a 2 day old baby girl in dustbin. Rabi Da asked him why he is doing so. The man replied since he doesn’t want a girl. Rabi Da started to bargain and this bargain ended up in killing of the person by thrashing. People gathered and took him to police station.

I didn’t ask him why he had done so because I can understand his pain. One day he was also thrown in dustbin. Rabi Da was laughing bitterly madly and then started crying. I hold him in my arms I was feeling heaven to give love to someone who had so much pain.

Our conversation was so long that when it ended I saw the day light. My mother was standing outside with lawyer. Her face was red. Lawyer was talking to police. When suddenly a police came and released me. When I was leaving the cell Rabi Da told me not to do any misdeeds again since I have a bright future. His eyes were saying “Don’t leave me brother alone” but his mouth was saying “Best of Luck for your future.” I was leaving the cell forever but Rabi Da was entering the cell forever, since today morning he is having his trial.

I reached home my mother shouted upon me and even slapped me. I was felling sad not for my mom but for Rabi Da. I left politics and joined Engineering College. I topped. But in spite of so many happiness I never forget Rabi Da. One day I decided to meet him. I went to central Jail. But, sadly he was no more. Rabi Da expired only a month ago.

I thought yes, Thanks god for being so good to a son of yours. Rally Thanks! I accept and testify your presence. You could do anything you like.

In the darkness of hatrism and negligence our children are just going to be like Rabi Da. My request to the readers is to try to love children and orphans who has no one other than you. Try to look at their innocent eyes, whether they are girl boy or anything. Give love to every child and if possible stop throwing them in dustbin and also stop abusing them. By spreading love, joy and creating smile in their faces you are actually worshiping your god. It has more goodness than to visit Kashi or Kaba. Instead of visiting temples or Mosques or Church go to an orphanage and spread love, education and humanism which is the biggest religion.

About the author

Ambarish Pandey

Ambarish Pandey is currently working for PricewaterhouseCoopers PVT. LTD. in India, Kolkata. He is a Senior Consultant in the Advisory Division of the firm. He holds Engineering degree from Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, India's second oldest Engineering college. Besides Developing websites and other software jobs he loves to blog on Women, Minority Issues.

His hobbies are Cooking, Collectibles and Archeology(Egyptology), Bengal's & Punjab's History... His book on cookery in Bengali under title "Hesel"(Kitchen) has been published in India.


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  • Thanks to the writer for bringing this facts in front of the world. Iwas also with Ambarish in Lock Up although in separate cell.I didnt met Rabi Da but i have heard his story from Pundit ji….(we call ambarish by this name)…i remembered the day when he was relaesed and how he he was feelind about Rabi Da….great buddy for all you have done..You are a blessing to the society!!!

  • Maqbool mian….every one is a blessing to the society. Just we need to know what our duties are toward society……if we became aware of this facts then our society will become our dream society….any way thanks buddy….for accompanying me from my birt to lock up and for being always with me…..u are the best person i have ever met…i am lucky to have u in my life…be with me always!!!..Love….