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Representative Afghan govt to ensure stability, prosperity in region

Islamabad: Pakistan Economy Watch has said that formation of a representative government in Afghanistan will help millions of people around the world to improve their quality of life. It may support America avoid bankruptcy.

US cannot spend $1 billion daily on wars any more
Presently America is spending one billion dollars per day on its pointless and counterproductive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. “US and allies have failed to ensure peace in Afghanistan and Iraq and now they should face reality avoiding self-deceptive philosophies,” said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch.

He said US should become pragmatic and stop major wars to save massive spending. It can use this money for the development. It will also help repair its damaged reputation across the globe, particularly in Islamic world.

“History is repeating itself and US has no option but to declare victory and get out of these countries where it has failed to win despite using all the resources on its disposal,” he said. Although hard, but, presently this is the only available exit strategy.

Any such decision will bring Taliban into power in Afghanistan resulting stability in the region. The war against terror inside Pakistan may come to an end leaving leaders with the option to concentrate on other pressing issues like development.

In addition, any such decision will give a break to Afghans suffering since decades of strife and discontinue one of the largest narcotics pipeline hurting whole world.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal called upon the leading economists and social scientists to restudy the system of Taliban that guaranteed peace despite abject poverty, satisfaction of overwhelming majority, stability and zero narcotic cultivation.

US policymakers should realize in their own interest that the experience of installing illegitimate governments and artificial leadership has never helped them. Allies in the terror war are getting uneasy and their military commanders are openly accepting defeat.

The incoming President of US should realize that demise of communism was also result of expansionism and that no miracle will happen to change the situation. -Pak Economy Watch

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