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Territorial integrity violation intolerable: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has categorically stated that Pakistan will not tolerate violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity by any one in the name of combating terrorism. Addressing media persons at an Iftar dinner hosted by him in honour of senior journalists on Wednesday, he said the Government would mobilize all resources to combat the menace of terrorism. The Prime Minister referred to the Marriott tragedy and said it has virtually turned the whole nation gloomy.

The Prime Minister urged media to play the role of arbiter among people and institutions and be an impartial judge of situations keeping the larger national interest in mind. He said the Government and media have a vital responsibility to ensure cohesion on issues of national importance including national security and war against terrorism.

The Prime Minister said the Government has embarked on a three pronged strategy to combat terrorism. It envisages making peace with people who renounce violence, invest in the development and social uplift of the local people and use of force only as a last resort against those who challenge writ of the Government.

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani appealed to the media to create a sense of ownership of this policy among all stake holders. He assured that the Government would keep all concerned segments of the society on board so as to make an informed judgment about the challenges facing the country and avert them by a common and united stance.

He said it is moral, human and national obligation of media to help change the mindset that gives birth to suicidal tendencies.

He demanded of the international media to cooperate with the regional media including Pakistan to promote peace, stability and prosperity. The Prime Minister assured media that the government fully subscribes to the freedom of information and would always work for their betterment.

Turning to the economy, the Prime Minister said the present Government had to take bitter decisions of removing subsidies to bring the economy back on track. He said Pakistanis are peace loving people and they want good relations with all countries. President Asif Ali Zardari is in US where he has met world leaders including Presidents of the United States, Iran, Turkey and France to strengthen our relations with the international community.-SANA

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