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Marriott targeted for becoming hub of International spies

It has been confirmed that deadly suicide attack on Luxury Marriott hotel was a well designed surgical operation against secret agents of US and its allies countries. “It is obvious that Marriott had become the main hub of international spies now a day”, An Islamabad based analyst disclosed.

She told that two floors of the Marriott were reserved for US officials and secret agents. “It is open secret that hotel lifts were not stopped at these floors”, She added, on condition of anonymity. She disclosed that an officer of British Scotland Yard was also a permanent resident of the hotel. “These spy rackets were the original target of the blast”, she asserted.

The Pentagon Officials confirmed the deaths of two US marines in blast who were staying in the hotel. Pentagon officially announced that its two marines succumbed to injuries in the blast. These agents were posted in US embassy in Islamabad; their names have yet not been disclosed.

Furthermore Danish foreign minister Per Stig Moeller also confirmed that an embassy official was dead but a secret agent of Denmark intelligence agency PET was gone missing since the deadly blast. 53-year-old Detective Inspector Karsten Krabbe, a security adviser to the Danish mission, had now been identified as being among those killed in the bombing. “It is with deep sorrow that we have learnt with certainty that PET has lost a competent, trusted and highly appreciated officer,” PET Director General Jakob Scharf said.

“We have lost all contact with him, he was talking about a member of the intelligence service stationed at Islamabad”, he told a local channel. The missing officer had been sent to Pakistan to improve security for Danish staff here. The Danish intelligence agency, PET, said in a separate statement that one of its agents, a security advisor, was missing, presumed dead. A second PET official was unhurt, it said.

It would deemed worthy to mention that an Urdu national daily The Jung has pointed out towards the secret activities going on in Marriot Hotel. It was reported that suspicious Steel Boxes were allowed entering without any particular scanning few days back this suicide blast took place.

However The Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik had declined The theory that the presence of two US marines in hotel was the total attraction to the terrorists in a press briefing when he issued footage of how the suicide bomber along with dumper truck loaded with 600kg of explosive; blew himself in front of Hotel gate causing deadliest ever attack in Islamabad.

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