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Marriott blast: an Update


Pakistan has released security camera video footage of a suicide attack
The attacker blew himself before the big blast and no other attack was made at the Marriot hotel here Saturday evening. Sources revealed that this has been revealed in close circuit TV footage during the investigations that the suicide attacker driving the truck blown himself before the explosion after which the front part of the truck caught fire.

Meanwhile, security guards advised people to move away from the truck and tried to extinguish the fire but the fire moved from the front part to the back of the truck after which a loud blast occurred and it spread destruction to a large area.

Czech Republic’s ambassador among 53 dead in Islamabad hotel bombing
Ambassador Ivo Zdarek was among those foreigners who died when a suicide bomber driving a dumper truck crashed through security gates and detonated explosives in front of the building. Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik said two Americans were confirmed dead as well as one Vietnamese national. Officials in Pakistan said other foreigners in the group included people from Britain, Germany and the Middle East.

Two US marines killed in Marriott blast: Pentagon
The US Department of Defence at Pentagon has confirmed the deaths of its two marines in Marriott blast in Islamabad. According to GEO News, the Pentagon said that its two marines succumbed to injuries in the blast. The soldiers were deployed in US embassy in Islamabad. Pentagon said names of the US marines could not be revealed prior to informing families of the victims.

No group immediately claimed responsibility, though suspicion fell on al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban. Analysts said the attack served as a warning from Islamic militants to Pakistan’s new civilian leadership to stop co-operating with the U.S.-led war on terror.

All roads lead to FATA says Rehman Malik
Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman A Malik said preliminary investigation revealed that Saturday’s bomb blast at Marriott Hotel had links with FATA and Waziristan. “It is yet premature to blame any particular group or individual for the blast, however, all roads lead to Waziristan,” the Advisor told media at a press conference on Sunday.

Explosive identified as TNT and RDX
He said a high-quality military type explosives identified as TNT and RDX were used in the explosion – the severest one in the country’s history. Besides this, aluminum powder was also used that caused fire which gutted the whole building in no time. Malik said the attack was meant to sabotage Pakistan’s integrity, democracy and economy. “Our enemies don’t want to see democracy flourishing in the country,” he stated.

Glorification of militants
So far 53 people are dead including four foreigners while 266 are injured who had been shifted to various hospitals. The Advisor called upon the national media not to glorify militants, saying that it must be stopped. “They (militants) are the ferocious people who are killing innocent people, but the anchors, host and other media persons do not condemn them.”

Law Enforcement and Investigation
He said an investigation team headed by Director General FIA had been formed which was working hard to dig out facts about this tragic incident. He commended Pakistan Army and law enforcement agencies for brilliantly foiling the nefarious designs of over 3,000 militants who attacked Bajour to establish their control. “We launched operation in Hangu and Khyber just to restore peace there,” he added

Islamabad attak directed on nation’s resolve against terrorism: Sherry Rehman
Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ms Sherry Rehman Saturday strongly condemned the suicide attack at the Marriott Hotel, Islamabad. “This is an attack on the nation’s resolve against terrorism, reiterated by President Asif Ali Zardari in his first address to the Parliament on Saturday. She said the timing of the blast is an indication that the terrorists find Pakistan’s democracy as a threat to their existence. “It is the government’s determination and the power of national consensus against the extremists groups that has pushed them into trying every avenue to challenge our security.” said Ms Sherry Rehman talking to the media after the suicide attack.

Red Alert in Pakistan
Security has been bolstered in Pakistan’s largest city in the wake of the Marriott Hotel bombing in Islamabad. Police are on high alert to help guard across the country.

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