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Pakistani breaks bubble world record

By K.S. Ramkumar

JEDDAH: Malik Zaheer Hussain, a Pakistani national from Sialkot, has claimed to have set a new Guinness world record by blowing a 30-inch chewing bubble. “I have contacted Guinness Book of World Records with my claim and am waiting for their response,” said Hussain who walked into Arab News office over the weekend, with documents of his claim.

The holder of the current record is American national Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, California. The bubble made by her measured 23 inches, a record that was established on July 19, 1994. Hussain, who was here to perform Umrah, said he was into blowing gum for quite some time, but took it seriously after reading about Susan’s record in a magazine.

“I then started practicing blowing bubbles vigorously with a view to challenging Susan’s record,” he said, adding that the bubble size blown by him can reach up to 30 inches. “I have performed on the Pakistan Television and also in Germany,” he added.

He said blowing a gum to that big size needs several things including a good quality of bubble gum. The room temperature needs to be cold enough. “The bubble cannot be blown to that big size unless the room is cold. Also, you need to chew the gum for at least half an hour,” he said. “Also, one needs a lot of practice. You need to have a powerful pair of lungs. Practice is a must for this. Otherwise you will not be able to do it,” said Hussain who runs a jewelry shop back home

Courtesy Arab News

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