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Literary Round Up

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In Halqa-e Arbab-e-Zouqs special session titled “Iss Kitab Main” two new books were discussed. The first one “Andhay ka Roznaamcha” a short stories collection, was from Mubashir Aziz Hassan. Aamir Faraz, the secretary of the Halqa read out a short story from the book. Amjad Tufail afterwards presented an essay that discussed the book in a nutshell. The essay was termed as a flap by Mahmood Gilani who overall dislikes the flap writing. Rashid Misbah admired the way Mubashir used the language to weave his short stories.

The session was presided over by Dr Aalam Khan. Dr Aalam said that Mubashir was a very talented youngster who had gone through a wide range of global literature. And this study made him a remarkable short story writer.

The second book discussed was a collection of poetry “Teray Khyal ka Chaand” from Ahmad Hammad. Hammad recited a Nazm and a Ghazal from his book before Arshad Shaheen read out a detailed essay on the book. Arshad found Hammad to be a poet of a high caliber. He said that the poet had consumed his knowledge in poetry so artistically that the poetry still remained poetry and didn’t become a medley of various disciplines. Shafiq Khan was of the view that Hammad was a different poet and distinct from his peers. He said: “Hammad is a widely-read poet and his study gets reflected through his poetry very well. He has written some exceptional melodramas in poems like “Khaki Shaam” and “Richard Gabriel say aik mukalima”. His art of poetry is at its apogee while composing longer poems.

Aamir Faraz said that Hammad was a strongest agitating voice against the dictatorship, class-society and atrocities carried out by the global powers. Jamshed Imam termed Hammad as the poet of the Cyber Age. He said that Hammad provided the modern age with the sensibility that the cyber age demanded.

Dr Aalam highlighted as the final say that the book was just great to be read. He opined, “There are two prominent strands of which Hammad weaves his poetry. One strand is intellect and the other one is romance.” He wished both the young writers best of luck.

Pakistan Times has started a new section for the Literature lovers; a literary round up every week covering activities of literary circles in Pakistan mainly highlighting Urdu literature; will appear on Pakistan Times on every Friday.

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Ahmad Hammadhttp://
Ahmad Hammad is a famous young Poet. He has a vast experience in electronic and print media as well. He worked as the Editor of World Times. He has been writing columns in various Urdu newspapers. He has been anchoring an intellectual TV show NISHIST on the Royal TV and nowadays working with the Waqt TV. He has also been working as a Co-RJ at FM-103 for some midnight shows. He is invited in the Radio Pakistan’s literary show Takhleeq as a young poet/critic on a regular basis. He has been moderating the WHYS aired from the BBC and have also been participating in the show as a voice of Pakistan. He has written two books on poetry including “Sham Be-chain Hay” and “T’ray Khyal Ka Chaand”. He has translated Allama Iqbal’s notebook “Stray Reflections” into Urdu. His book named “Taif”—a collection of essays on literary and intellectual topics is in the publishing queue. Among his forthcoming projects, an interesting book named: An Introduction to Modern Philosophy through the biographies of the Contemporary Philosophers; under the title of “Mu’aasir Maghrabi Mufakkirin” is on its way to completion. He has translated some writings from a few famous fiction writers’ e.g. Hemingway, Hawthorne, and the letters by Anton Chekov. He has written a concise guide titled “Java in a nutshell” which is a bilingual project for Java Learners. He is an astonishing blend of IT and Arts, for he holds Master degree in Information Technology, Sun Java Certified Programmers’ certificate (SCJP) and has two books on poetry to his credit. Ahmad Hammad will be writing for Pakistan Times on different subjects on a regular basis from now onwards.
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  1. And I have found Rubab to be a Wonder Girl, a creative a being and a dynamic inspiration for the writers.
    I experience deep feel of respect for this young journalist. And I wish her brilliant successes in life.

  2. i appreciate whatever you have done or doing to explore Urdu literature,it is necessary for our youth because we r forgetting ourselves . i’ll read ur poetry book i m sure it will b good like ur thinking. a person who wanted to find his inner side is special to me because when he speaks, reminds the beauty of the nature and of curse GOD.keep writing..


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