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Democratic lawmaker slams incursion into Pakistani territory

Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has denounced a reported US move to conduct raids into Pakistani territory, saying such incursions from across the Afghan border flout international law and endanger world security. Instead, the former presidential candidate advocated the “situation requires intense diplomacy,” and urged Congress to intervene legislatively to block pursuance of the dangerous path.

“The President is once again violating international law by invading yet another nation which has not attacked the United States. Once again, he places our troops and our reputation at risk. Once again, he creates more enemies for America,” Kucinich said in a statement. “Pakistan’s objections to the illegal US Predator strikes inside the country’s border should be a clear indication of how Pakistan would respond to another illegal attack upon their sovereign nation,” he added.

The lawmaker added by resorting to such moves in the nuclearized region, the U.S. is “playing with fire, creating more instability, killing innocent Pakistanis and imperiling our troops in the region.”

The congressman from Ohio said the US Administration “not only ignores the will of an ally, but risks expanding the failed war in Afghanistan into Pakistan. This is unnecessary and it is illegal. Congress must intervene legislatively and legally to block (President) Bush from continuing down this dangerous path,” he stated.

Pakistan has reacted strongly to the reported suggestions, saying only Pakistani forces have the right to take anti-terror actions on its soil. The White House on Friday refused to comment on reports claiming President Bush had authorized raids into Pakistan by US troops deployed in Afghanistan on anti-terrorism mission.

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