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Monday, August 2, 2021

First Press Conference

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The swearing-in ceremony has finally stamped the verdict of people apparently as far as deciding the president of Pakistan was concerned. The ceremony as foreseen could not be controversial, but it was surely spiced up by the following joint press conference of President Zardari and President of Afghanistan Mr. Karzai. Well Mr. Karzai took this pain coming all over from Afghanistan just to be the part of this jubilation and found it the most suitable occasion to present his reservations. Considering it the first press conference of our president, one can fascinate the idea of allowing him space and dismiss much criticism which is justified to be made. But on a serious note, the first impression is the last impression, majority still believes in this maxim. The toughest part is to change the psychology of a nation so I loose that argument here and going back to the old psychology where people wanted Mr. Zardari to make lots of promises and give clear cut stance on key issues. But much to our despair, it did not happen rather it created some confusion about a few issues. Like on judiciary, which created so much hype in recent past, the president could not satisfy the people while not discussing the fate of Chief Justice Ifthikar Chaudary. Secondly, he bluntly avoided any answer about handing over his responsibilities as a cochairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Contrary to the spirit of rising above the ethnic and political lines, he repeatedly mentioned that HIS party PPP intents to do so and so. Well to become the symbol of federation, I safely assume that first the emotions and then language has to be altered to the extent where we all unanimously declare him as a symbol. His very fresh claims about revoking 58-2-B after taking oath have not been materialized as this was his first realization after becoming the president that it has to be done through a proper channel—Parliament. Intelligent politicians like our president would have given it a second thought when he made this promise in a programme Capital Talk that after a few days, he will be answerable to the media and people. Now we all expect the Parliament to formally make this request to the present who can use his authority on being asked and revoke it.

I agree that people remained confused on many issues as Mr. Zardari avoided giving many answers, so eventually contrary to the expectations, the policy statements he did not make. Few believe that he was not prepared to comment on many issues, well in my humble opinion, his preparation to become the president has been on for quite some time and what he could not prepare merely policy statements. Yes, I am convinced that it was a conscious effort not to talk about many key issues, though, time will unfold many secrets. Mr Karzai intervention has though changed the whole focus of the press conference as it was solely organized for him, it seems. His purpose has been achieved, but he has left the nation with mixed reaction on the first press conference of our new president.

On a very personal note, I am missing Benazir Bhutto though I am not a supporter of PPP, but if this all had to happen, then BB deserved it the most. Done cannot be undone.

Long live Pakistan

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Sadaf Arshadhttp://sadafarshad.wordpress.com/
Sadaf Arshad works as the Executive Editor of South Asian Media Monitor at South Asian free Media Association (SAFMA). She has been writing for The Friday Times & The Post. Currently she is Columnist with English Daily Pakistan Today. She holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication and has a deep-rooted interest in subjects like peace and development, security, poverty eradication, economic, gender equality and minority issues.
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  1. My eys were raised over Karzai’s presence on this eve.. there are so many secrets to be disclosed as per mentioned in this article.. In international political scenario Karzai has been one of very important player for America and Pakistan under a dictator rule has also been.. and now when civilian rules returned, this friendship is needed to be reviewed between new president of a strategically important country Islamic Republic of Pakistan and front line ally of America. Though it is believed that Karzai has been close to Benazir Bhutto.

    In Pakistan who so ever comes comes without agenda.. so same is the case with new president if he had no policy statements

    However Ordinary Pakistanis expect him to speak to tackle inflation and massive power shortages.

  2. Finally, the democratic rule was established. Which is good and reason for hope. The journey is long and the first steps are not steady – but steps need to be taken even if they are not perfect at first. The journey will create its own travellers.

    Despite the issues that face Pakistan today, my hope is that it will become a modern, growing, economically and socially stable society that takes care of its people and engages positively and confidently with the world.

    All the best!

  3. I am surprised to see only foreign head of state Hamid karzai sitting in first row whose government has accused Pakistan of failing to take action against Taliban militants based around the countries’ common border.

  4. even those allegations Pakistan have been collaborated with militants waging war on Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed government; everything is surprised.. wait for more surprises to come..
    The United States was dependent heavily on Musharraf for assistance to capture al-Qaida leaders for them they have plotted the 9/11 attacks on America and left for Afghanistan after the U.S.-led invasion in 2001 toppled Taliban allies. Lets see how Zaradri becomes American agent..

  5. I watched the press conference with fervour. I was excited to see a democratic president replying to the journalists in a crowdy and well-attended press conference. We had been waiting for this sweet moment since loooooong.

    However, I have seen another display of backing out by Mr. President. In an interview a few weeks ago, Asif Zardari replied to Javed Ch. that the president would for him/herself doff the 58-2B hat. And now he says, if the parliament asked to eliminate the 17th amendment and the article 52-2B, only then the president would say Yes.

    One wonders, how the world around would trust this much slipping person? His credibility is already in a fog after backing out the promises made with Nawaz Sharif…

    In addition, his Kashmir policy seems to be so suspicious. And see the irony of fate, he says that the presence of the US-led troops in the region is useful for the region.
    How useful? None knows except Mr Persident…

  6. Rubab
    This was an excellent post – thanks for writing so well

    Ahmad Hammad Sb: Constitutions are not amended by the declarations of the President – only musharraf could do that. Parliament needs to amend the constitutional provisions by two-thirds majority
    cheers, Raza

  7. Raza Rumi Saheb:
    Nice to see you here…

    This isn’t my statement. I only quoted what mr president said…

    Mr. President, before saying so, should have been aware of the fact that the amendments are made by the parliaments, and not by the presidents.


    I suggest you to please watch that exclusive interview aired by the ExpressNews a few days ago. He was talking to Javed Choudhry.

    Moreover, not only Musharraf could do that. Whoever came to power with a gun in the fingers could do that.

    Why to blame poor Musharraf for the 17th amendmemnt, suspension of the Constitution twice, never respecting the articles etc….?

    Shouldn’t we remember Ayub’s own 1962 Constitution which was violated by himself when he handed over the reigns to Yahya Khan, another serving general, whereas the Constitution said to do it for the chairman of the Senate?

    And why should we forget Zia’s notorious words that the Constitution was only a book that could be thrown out of the window anytime…?

    Rumi Bhai, How are you? Where are you and when are you gonna come back to Pakistan?

    I told Rubab that you were running a blog site as well. She was asking about the URL. Kinldy write down. I’d be benefitted as well… 🙂
    Live Long!

  8. I am trying to call up the exact wording of Mr Zardari to my mind. While talking of the 58-2B, he said (in Urdu), ” Meray mola nay chaha tau iss baar Sadr 58-2B khud pesh karay ga, aur pakistan main ye taareekh bhe naee likhee jaey gi”. It was something like that… 🙂

    Without getting engaged with discussing the procedure as to how the amendments are made to the Constitution, I simply wanted to highlight that through his today’s public statement, one could have a glimpse of the hidden intention of Mr President of delaying the restoration of the Contstitution. For example, look at his delaying tactics working in restoring the extr-constitutionally deposed judges because of whose untiring efforts, Mr Zardari has been blessed with the crown. Mr Zardari stung them with the constitutional package first and then ionized the judges. Once done, he re-appointed few of them through a notification, and not through the package. One looks for, where’s the Package?

    The parliament which has already voted for Mr Zardari would not obviously be that agile in bringing any bill to amend the constitution against the consent of mr president. And this is how, the matter will be delayed I’m afraid.

    This delay will ultimately ensure a stronger control over the powers residing with Mr President. I recite “God Forbid” thrice in my heart when I talk of such cruel intentions of an already ethically controversial personality who has become the man of the presidency now. 🙂

    May Allah Safeguard Pakistan.


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