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Suspected US missile strike kills 14 in Pakistan

Pakistan’s military says several explosions have rocked the Miran Shah area in Pakistan’s troubled northwest, killing 14 people including women and children and injuring several. An intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of his job, says it appears that several missiles hit a seminary and adjoining house in Jalauddin Haqqani in the North Waziristan tribal agency Monday morning. Maj. Murad Khan, an army spokesman, only confirmed blasts near Miran Shah. “The dead included three women, two children and two men,” a security official said, adding that more than 25 people had been wounded. Some of the injured are in critical condition, hospital officials said

Four guided missiles were fired on a madrasa, or religious school, near the city of Miran Shah. The location of firing missiles is unclear yet. However Witnesses say they saw unmanned US aircraft flying in the area before missiles were fired at suspected militant targets.

Pakistani officials say it is the third attack allegedly carried out by US forces inside Pakistan in as many days. Previously Twenty people, a majority of them women and children, were killed in a raid at Angoor Adda in South Waziristan by gunship helicopters and commandos of the US-led coalition forces on September 3. That attack was marked as the first unilateral US-led ground forces from Afghanistan intrusion into Pakistan territory. In lieu of more attacks Pakistan stopped supplies to the United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan through its western Torkham border on Friday, citing security concerns. However Khyber Agency Political Agent Tariq Hayat dismissed the impression that the decision was a reaction to continued United States attacks in Waziristan in last few days.

At least five militants were also killed the day before when a missile fired from an unmanned plane hit a house in the North Waziristan village of Mohammad Khel, officials said. That attack was condemned by Pakistan’s parliament and the foreign minister who issued a tough statement calling the incident “shameful” and stating that only women and children had been targeted. The Pakistan army is investigating the incident however the US military has not confirmed any involvement.

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