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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Overseas Pakistanis can increase remittances and boost private investment to Pakistan

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The Friends of Pakistan (FOP) have opened another chapter in Edmonton, Canada and Mr. Sohail Qadri, will be the President of this chapter. Sarfaraz Khan, founder Chairman of Friends of Pakistan here, announced this in Edmonton on July 11th 2008 at Pakistan Community Center, Edmonton, Canada.

He said, my visit is part of a global campaign in which we are demanding Representation in Pakistani Parliament through ‘Right of Vote’ for overseas Pakistanis to elect their representatives in overseas countries and we want to participate in nation building. He said, expatriates can provide a great help in Nation Building. We can provide assistance to motherland in various sectors, especially; we can raise remittances level, boost private investment, assist to open more schools and colleges, bring advance technology in agriculture, provide solution for power crises and provide help in IT industry.

Sarfaraz Khan said to achieve all this we must have representation in Pakistani Parliament and Senate. I urge Pakistan government to consider seriously allocating seats for expatriates and fill up these seats through election in overseas countries. A large number of Pakistani-Canadians attended this event and they join this vibrant organization. After speech he answered several questions asked by the attendees.-The Friends of Pakistan

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