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Govt provides subsidized petroleum: Virk


ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly has been informed that the government is providing subsidy on petroleum products by not passing the full impact of international price increase to the consumers to provide them oil on reasonable prices. Parliamentary Secretary for petroleum Chaudhry Ejaz Virk informed the House during question hour that the government is subsidizing high speed diesel by 19.63 rupees light diesel oil by 16.82 rupees and kerosene oil 18.47 rupees per litre.

To a question he said the government has taken various steps to further enhance oil and gas exploration activities in the country. He told that thirty-six oil and gas discoveries were made during the last three years. Minister for Defence Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar informed the House that Civil Aviation Authority has incurred two point eight billion rupees on various projects to develop and improve twenty-three airports in the country during the last three years.

Parliamentary Secretary for Communications Chaudhry Saeed Iqbal informed the House that investigations regarding collapse of Sher Shah Bridge in Karachi have been completed and recommendations have been sent to the concerned authority for necessary action.-SANA



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