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FBR asked to rescind order-in-appeal

ISLAMABAD: Federal Tax Ombudsman Justice ® Munir A. Sheikh has asked Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to rescind Order-In-Appeal and Order-In-Original issued by Sales Tax Department to the Complainant. This decision was taken by the FTO on the complaint of M/S Chiniot Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. Haripur against non issuance of refund by the Department.

The FTO has ruled that the Sales Tax Department has committed an act of maladministration. The FTO has recommended to the FBR to direct the competent authority to rescind to Order-In-Appeal (O-I-O). He has ruled that the complainant will approach the concerned collectorate with all necessary photocopies of documents to be attested by them as required under the provisions of Sales Tax Act which will be produced at the RTO, Peshawar.-SANA

The FTO has also ruled that the refund claim will be entertained according to law. He has directed authorities concerned that the recommendations should this office within 60 days of their receipt by the Chairman, FBR.

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