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Defence of Pakistan Day celebrated today

ISLAMABAD: The Defence of Pakistan Day is being celebrated today with a commitment to render every sacrifice for the defence and security of the country. On this day in 1965 our valiant Armed Forces and the entire nation stood united to thwart the nefarious design of the adversary, which had dared cast an evil eye on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our motherland.

The day will dawn with Quran Khawani in all the principal mosques for the souls of martyrs. Special prayers will also be offered for the solidarity, prosperity and integrity of the country and liberation of occupied Muslim territories including Kashmir and Palestine. Floral wreaths will also be laid on the graves of martyrs to commemorate their sacrifices.

Hoisting of Hilal-e-Istaqlal ceremonies will be held in Lahore, Sialkot and Sargodha. Fauji melas will be held in various army garrisons. A salient feature of the Day will be ground and air shows by the PAF aircraft at the PAF bases in various cities.-SANA

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  • Came across this bullshit that you folks print. All the pakistani press does is ‘India Bashing’ . To put the records straight, it was Pakistan that had attacked India in the hope of separting Kashmir, unfortunately, they did not succeed , in fact Pakistan could not have sustained another week for war. Secondly in the 71 war Pakistan was divided into two. Thirdly, nobody seems to realise it , but I feel Pakistan is a failed nation, surviving on alms that the US throws at them. Instead of making proper use of these alms they give it back to the US and help them keep their arms factories running. Lets not forget Pakistan is also the cradle of terrorism. Not only does it export it allover the world but also encourages it. All press should be denouncing this rather than wasting their time on ‘India Bashing’

  • Good enemies recognize each other as enmenies. India never accepted creation of pakistan. It had used all the diplomacy to malign Paksitan, and took the advantage of US hoax of trerrorism. All know the advangtages India tries to derive out of the US created menace. Where ever US needs intervention it uses car bombs and inflitration. US money is flooding to creat disbalnce in countries where it has strategic intersts.

    Same story was narrrated to justify Vietnam war by US. A war on humanity. US claims of terrorism are in the same manner as WMD.

    India piggybacks and appears to be a hero. must see it own political crisis, separist movements in south, east and north of india. Its not Kashmir alone. There are many oppressed minorites in other parts of India.