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Zardari’s lead in opinion polls reflects public support: Sherry

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ISLAMABAD : Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ms Sherry Rehman has said that Senator Asif Ali Zardari’s lead position in recent opinion polls conducted by media organizations indicate public support for his candidature for the post of the President. “The public support is for the political ideals that a candidate stands for. The recent opinion polls reflect public endorsement for Mr. Zardari’s strong stand on strengthening the federation, parliamentary sovereignty, the policy of reconciliation, and his position on terrorism,” said Ms Rehman talking to the media two days before the Presidential election.

Ms Rehman said that in another opinion poll carried out by the News Network International, the domestic public demonstrated a strong understanding for Mr. Zardari’s policies and positions on various issues and endorsed the Party’s efforts to save the federation and change the system through political process.

“The public participated in the February 18 elections despite security fears to vote for democratic forces that could steer the nation out of crisis through a non confrontational process. It is now the responsibility of all political forces to respect this trust and carry out the mandate of the public by taking a united stand against challenges faced by the country,” she added.

The Federal Information Minister said that it is the prudent policies of the democratic forces that have directed the country to a path where all political problems are being resolved through peaceful means. “It is the power of dialogue and political process that has led to peace in the Balochistan Province; it paved the way for General Musharraf’s exit without bloodshed, while it has developed national consensus on the issue of terrorism, which is the most important priority of the nation and the government.”

Ms Rehman said that the consensus of all political forces on Mr Zardari’s candidature for the Presidency comes from his image as a symbol of federation. “Mr Zardari is a political figure who has stakes in the stability of the system. The decade of manipulation of the Presidency has tilted the balance of power away from parliamentary forces. The system could only be corrected by individuals and institutions that have respect for the will of the people.”

The Federal Information Minister said that the PPP’s strength as a political force depends on the power of a parliamentary system that allows for representation of its constituency, i.e. the people of Pakistan.-SANA

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