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Two top Taliban commanders killed, Bloodbath continued in Kurram and Swat

Carnage of innocent civilians and hardcore militant is continued second day of Ramadan despite the announcement of ceasefire dory the holy month of fasting. While Pakistan has summoned US ambassador in foreign office lodged a formal protest over indent of killing of more than twenty innocent civilians by US led NATO forces inside Pakistan. More than Dozen people have been killed during clashes with army and tribal clashes till Thursday noon.

In Kurram tribal area, at least three people were killed and ten others injured in sectarian clashes. Turi and Bangash tribes were fighting furiously with each other since last month, death toll climbed too 900 tribals including 500 Taliban militants. Rival tribes are using mortars, missiles, rockets and heavy automated weapons to win the war.

In Swat, two top Taliban commanders Younus and Zia were targeted including seven other people and two children were also perished in fresh series of shelling. Arbitrary shelling wiped out the whole family members including women and children when a shell bombed a house.

US ambassador summoned
In an unprecedented move Pakistan has summoned US ambassador Anne W. Patterson and lodged strong protest over gory incident of intrusion of US led NATO forces in Pakistani soul and killing of 20 innocent civilians.

After the incident, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Muhammad Sadiq and military chief spokesman major general Athar Abbas vehemently condemned the attack of Coalition forces on a inside Pakistan and termed it a gross violation of Pakistan’s territory.

Foreign Secretary, Salman Bashir held a half-hour long meeting with the US ambassador during which he strongly denounced the action of allied forces on Pakistan soil. It was made clear to the ambassador that this kind of action could affect the cooperation being extended by Pakistan to the US. The US ambassador said she would properly convey Pakistan’s reaction to her government.

Lawyers protest continued

Lawyer’s protest movement all over the country showed their resolve that they will continue their struggle till the re-instatement of all judges. Protesting lawyers staged sit-in all major city centers including Capital Islamabad.

Islamabad police blatantly thrashed and baton-charged severely the protesting lawyers in front of Supreme Court building when they have tried to enter in the court building. Riot police have attempted to block the way to main entry gate through barricades and barbed wires. But the charged and angry lawyers removed all hurdles and succeeded to reach the main gate.

Enraged lawyers were chanting slogans for the restoration of deposed judges and independence of judiciary against would-be president Asif Zardari although torch-bearer of this movement Aitzaz Ahsan tried his best to forbid the lawyers not to target Zardari.

Lawyer bodies announced to stage sit in at parliament on Thursday, September 4th,. Aitzaz has many more feathers in his cap, president supreme court bar association, poet, writer, fiery speaker and parliamentarian.

He is on the critical juncture of his political and public life due his stance for independence of judiciary and re-instatement of judges those were sacked and detained by disgraced dictator Musharraf. Finally who has tasted a humiliating character assassination campaign that led to a forced resignation on August 18th.

While his party led by Zardari, who is opposing the re-instatement of judges’ especially chief judge Iftkhar Muhammad Chauhdry. Who dared to challenge the general in uniform and refused to resign that culminated the civil society and lawyers movement. Aitzaz Ahsan reiterated that legal community wants to strengthen the parliamentary democracy in the country while addressing protesting lawyers outside the parliament building.

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